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The Riddings, Crusian pool

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  • The Riddings, Crusian pool

    Have a match here on Sunday, never fished it and only heard a little bit about the place. Any advice would be much apreciated eg baits, methods etc

    joe x

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    Contrary to its name, its not a crucian pool! theres a mixture of fish in there but its mainly carp, and theres some right lumps in there!

    Some people fish chopped worm and caster on there but ive always done well on meat, or cat meat over sweetcorn.

    There are a few pegs where you can fish a method feeder or even a pellet waggler however ive always done well on the pole at around 11 - 13m and the margins.

    You will probably have between 6 and 8 ft of water at 11 - 13m although the odd peg can be shallower and the odd one deeper.

    I wouldnt be afraid to put plenty of bait in if im honest cos its absolutely full of carp! Make sure you tackle up for them too because they go well into double figures in there.

    Ive had 80 lb nets of carp out of there a few times, and would expect to need around 80 to 100 lb to win one of our matches on there.

    Well good luck, and let me know how you get on!

    All the best,

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      Nice place mate. haven't fished it for a while but it's mainly cat meat and corn and plenty of it. Meat shallow can catch a few with the weather permtting and down the margins later on. And there's some big boys in there so step it up. If you can I'd leave the little corner bay out as soon as you walk down the bank it never fishes well in matches. And take a trolley cuz its a good walk lol


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        nice one chaps, will let you know how I on x


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          How did you get on?