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New Junction Canal - Sykehouse Lock Pegs 422-441

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  • New Junction Canal - Sykehouse Lock Pegs 422-441

    Got a match coming up here next weekend. Have read the DDAA website but has anybody fished it recently? If so, any tips, info, do's and don't would be greatly appreciated.

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    hi mate fished it about 2 month ago when the roach usually shoal up in that area ,do a close in line maggot or worm n caster ,ide do a squat line at about 8-10 metres also take the feeder as there is sum nice bream and hybrids in that area which are usually caught about tea time when you have packed up lol,depths about top 4 should do ye ,strung out rigs for the squat is the way i would go , the canal does tow allot one way then the other all the time something you will have to get used to , are match was an awfull one as the weather was horrible nobody could fish the pole more than 5 mtre if i remember bout 7lb won it end peg up near the wires which are noted pegs for the hybrids by the way , if you get the roach feeding close you could build a big weight , practicing we were getting 18lb to 20lb at 4 mtrs but that was when the roach come to spawn sorry cant help you much more as we nearly always book are match when the roach have come to spawn in that area hope this helps in some way


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      Yeah, as I've never fished it at all, that really helps a lot, thanks Squatboy, much appreciated.


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        Squatboy, you have the wrong stretch unless I'm mistaken? The wires are around 390's? 422 is the little short stretch on the opposite bank below the lock?
        If so, you will still need a close line with worm over the weed or in it if you can find a hole, fish for perch. Squatt line as above for roach and perch. Long pole to target odd eels or bigger roach, its worth putting an emp line somewhere just incase but not really the right time to have it properly. If the wind allows you feed a waggler to the reeds opposite, small feeder if not. End peg to lock should win the match with around 8lb


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          Thanks guys, appreciated!!


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            yeah i stand being corrected yes straight out car park to your peg as well nearly anyway lol