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towerhouse match pool

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  • towerhouse match pool

    has anyone got latest info on this one,match soon?

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    Hi Shallow Al - send simplesimon a pm - he fished it a fortnight ago
    Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


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      cheers,how do i get in touch with him?


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        I've just sent him a pm - if he catches it in time I'm sure he'll be in touch
        Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


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          Very funny place to fish. There are no permanent pegs round the place. So I can't give you peg numbers where people were.
          The winner of our match came from 2 pegs round to the right as you walk through from the car park. He fished meat and fed micro pellets, small amounts cause he is a tight git lol.
          Round behind the island and on the far bank(opposite where you walk through from the car park) 14 meters out there is only 1 and half foot of water and they didn't catch from round there.
          I drew as you go through from the car park, left. Last peg before you go round the corner. I tried everything but could only get bites on the meat. I was also feeding pellets. I had 1 carp for 5lb 8oz from the margin on meat.
          The guy next to me tried feeder to near the Island and never had a touch.
          The winner had 62lb though while second was 20lb and 3rd 10lb. Was a weird place to fish.
          Anything else you want to know, let us know.

          Edit, I have made more than 1 post lol

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          See it was 2 hehe
          Last edited by simplesimon; 6 October 2006, 10:02 PM.


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            cheers for info,our match was on sunday,very poor,94lb won match but this was a weight made up off 8 lumps,i tried everything possible ended up with one fish for 11lb/12oz,,it seems as though this place is now just a sit and wait for lumps type off place,not sure whats happend as it used to be full off skimmers/decent perch,smaller carp,,,,..


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              Least you did better than me mate
              We had a load of drynets too. People were not happy.
              I suppose thats fishing though.


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                Sure Is,20 Fished Our Match,4 Packed Up Half Way,only 6 Out Of Rest Of Us Weighed In....weve Got It Again Twice Next Year,i Think Ill Take Up Golf Instead..


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                  lol yeah or do what I was told to do..

                  Take a good book

                  Hope it fishes better for you next time anyway.