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Shard End lake...

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  • Shard End lake...

    Since its the school holidays im thinking of trying a local lake in shard end and was wondering:
    Has anyone ever fished it?
    Whats in there?
    What methods work best?
    And how to get the rumoured 30 pounders?

    ~ RoachMaster

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    i used to be in touch with an angler that lived next to the lake and he fished for the carp with boilies,but mainly at night.[dont think id fancy it in todays day and age].I havent fished there for 15-20 years but even then it had big carp and some lovely tench.plenty of roach and skimmers to be caught on float tackle.If i was you id walk round and talk to any anglers that are fishing,and make sure that its safe to fish now,its always attracted gangs in the past.
    good luck


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      cheers i was thinking boilies aswell. Do you know if the method feeder works well there?


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        cant see why it wouldnt,probably be a top tactic for the lake,better to catch skimmers,tench and carp on the method than sit it out for a lump on a bolt rig or something.Id be tempted to take a variety of hookbaits[corn,meat,pellet]and if you want to fish boilies then id start on 6-10 mm boilies,you can always put a bigger one on after you have caught a few fish.pellets or groundbait around the method and away you go.
        good luck


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          Roach master
          a friend of mine that has fished there for years was attacked by a group of youths last year !!
          Believe me this bloke is as Hard as Nails !! but this group of thugs put him in hospital for 15 weeks
          Head injuries that required loads of stitches broken nose ,jaw ,collar bone &left arm & leg
          He also ended up with a ruptured spleen & severe kidney damage resulting in his losing a kidney
          My advice to you would be stay as far away from there as possible.
          Me & a couple of mates used to go in the 60s & 70s it was a rough area then
          but i would not even concider going there now .It just aint worth it !!


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            I totally agree with Big Col, someone i work with lives by the lake and told me not to bother, far to risky, go somewhere else it really isnt worth it, sadly most of the park pools are going this way, pity beacuse some great fishing to be had