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  • Pike

    I keep getting an urge to go back a bit of pike fishing is on the cards anyone know where there are the private lake at earlswood still available to fish?
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion

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    earlswood - private lake

    Think its season tickets only £35 althought could try the yatchting lake on a day ticket - used to be good for a few off the dam wall . If you want a few zander on lures try stretch of canal at back of black boy just past knowle. Just chuck it down the side and you will catch plenty


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      The stretch at the back of the Black Boy is controlled by Birmingham Civil Services and is available on day ticket, I should know the day ticket price which I am sure is £1-50p but if I am wrong Kingfisher will soon let me know.
      You just cant get a good secretary these days eh John


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        Day ticket at the Black Boy is £2 if the bailiff comes along. If he doesn't tight lines!!
        ps Please don't return the zander.!!
        John - Kingfisher
        Talk Angling Senior Member
        Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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          Told you the secretary was crap , plus they dont trust me to sell day tickets. We will have to make sure the bailiff does his job


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            Hi Larry Teapot, how far are you willing to travel, as i can recomend some cracking places.1st place is kingsbury water park there is some cracking pike in there. 2nd place is gaily trout res up by cannock a place for monsters, 3rd patsall park wolverhampton another place for monsters. I rate these 3 places highly good luck where ever you go.


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              thanks Phil funny enough i have been to all 3 long time ago but glad you jogged my memory
              In darkness we do what we can
              In daylight we're oblivion


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                I caught a zander once, in a club match on a river somewhere , scared the sh1t out of me, never seen one before . A bloke came down and told me I had to kill it, I told him if he wanted it dead he would have to catch it himself . I weighed in and it won me the match, I can still remember the look on his face when I put it back in , and I'm sure that was a birmingham controlled water. It wasn't the fish's fault it shouldn't have been there