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  • rats

    Am i the only angler ever to visit a day ticket fishery too be totally disgusted at the amount of rubbish and presence fo semi tame rats eating bait left by so called anglers.On sunday i left home 6am to arrive at a well known northyorkshire venue at roughly 7am to be faced with carrier bags full of rubbish half eaten takeaways and rats running all over. I know the differenc between a water vole and rat so no one can tell me was i mistaken. Ater leaving i then went to another less well known venue arrived at about 7-45am where the venue owner was cleaning the toilets and issuing day tickets no litter or sign of rats and had a good day in pleasant surrondings

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    No mate, besides being a responsibilty of the angler to clear his peg after fishing, its also down to the owner to ensure any bins provided are emptied and to keep the site clean, I remember the end of one afternoon evening session on one of my local commercials, when I took some of my tackle back to the motor and returned to collect the rest only to find several large rats running over my box and platform, they did not move easily a good stick saw me beating them away grab my remaining tackle and beat a hasty reteat. In the bushes behind my peg were several empty bread wrappers and the waste bins were full to overflowing with again rats running around them, needless to say I have not been back there.


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      We all have to be on our guard against the vermin that patrols the bank side, thay will be at most commercials and like most predators will become more and more complacent as do the birds that come to feed of your bait box while you watch and miss those all important bites . We all take for granted that nothing bad can come of this but we have all heard of Viles disease, Rats pi**ing in the water constantly and we are putting our hands in there all the time. Any open new fresh cuts that you may have on your hands is the haven that this disease looks for and then you are in big trouble, we eat our sandwiches and god knows what else . So not to sound to much like a tackle tart we should all carry some antiseptic wipes with us to eliminate any possible infection that may occur. Off me soap box and back on me tackle box.

      We also have experienced some venus with the rubbish strewn all over. I'm with you Brian the owners should keep these bins checked on a regular basis.
      Regards Billy Boy :)

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        do what i did lads,after a bout of food poisening,and eight days in hospital,and the medics discovering i had suffered a severe bout of campylerbactor,leading to acute renal failure,caused by the vomiting and dioher,,ah the s,causing me to lose all body fluids,hence could not pass water so kidney failure,so i did a bit of reserch,the stuff they use in hospitals,when you go visiting a sick relative or friend


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          Weldec, Good ponts mate I do carry wipes , i never eat whilst I am fishing well a best a bit of gum or chocolate that can be put in the gob without touching it.


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            On Molands packington the rats are feeding on the halibut pellet now, the old saying chuck it up the rat holes is alive and kicking, when you chuck your lead bomb or wag tight up the island and feed by catapult the rats pick up the bait thats just hanging on the bank, TIP .... keep your rod bag zipped up when rats are around or you might be taking a couple home with you in your rod tubes .................................
            Team Carling ( Drinking For England )


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              In my opinion some of the commercial fisheries are happy to take our money and have little or no regard for the environment. In this day and age it is possble to trace the louts who leave rubbish and excess bait and bar them from the venue and no licence no day ticket


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                Morrisons do a really good water free antibacterial hand cleanser that kills all those nasty germs, in a nice handy little bottle just right for tackle box, perfume free and dries in second.


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                  Fisheries that lay the law down seem to have it right a few venues this year stipulate a cigarette end is rubbish and should be taken away. Not sure about anyone else but lakes / venues with platforms are always tidier. Hope you picked the rubbish up / informed the bailliff and not just left it. By the way Baby wipes from the &#163;1 shop clean hands and tackle


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                    re rats

                    was it woodlands? and was the clean one parklands or broken brea?


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                      Hey Bullhead,

                      Great thread you have started here mate and I dont mean the rats only but the question of hygeine, we all over look the threat to us caused by infected water/ fish /vermin and should be very vigilant. So some good feedback coming of this thread so get those bacterial wipes lads/lasses even if it saves one life then it will be worth it. I'am a very serious Koi keeper and a very close freind of mine his father died last year when cleaning a filter system out to do some modification, he had some new cuts on his hands and was not wearing any gloves laytex/rubber, having had his hands in the mechanical filtration unit which catches all the fish crap and bad bacteria and nasties, unbeknown to him the cuts got infected and he suffered with similar symptoms to having a feverish cold within a month he was dead. So for a quid some antibacterial barrier cream or wipes will do the trick it's that easy.

                      Prevention is better than cure.

                      Cut and pasted from my friends web site relating to the above:
                      On Tuesday 29th March 2005 at 3pm my dad, Brian Gardner, passed away at just 58 years old.

                      A little over 2 weeks earlier he had been helping me install a new filter on my pond. In doing so he cut his finger and, whilst continuing to work on, got his hand soaked in water directly from the pond's bottom drain.

                      24 hours later dad started to feel unwell, shivering uncontrollably which he put down to having a chill from working in the cold and wet.

                      His condition deteriorated over the coming days until he was admitted to hospital and very quickly diagnosed as having severe blood poisoning. This resulted in organ failure and ultimately, just 2 weeks later, his tragic and untimely death.

                      Whilst we will never know for sure where the infection came from originally the mere possibility that it could have been from the pond water has changed my whole attitude to the care required when handling Koi and maintaining the pond which until now has been rather relaxed.

                      This has resulted in the 'Healthy Hands' campaign to raise awareness of the potential dangers of pond water and other things which are handled in and around the pond.

                      - Please clean hands thoroughly after dealing with the pond.
                      - Always wear gloves when treating Koi with bacterial wounds.
                      - If you have any cuts or open wounds on your hands please wear gloves when touching pond water.
                      - Always wear gloves when handling pond chemicals and treatments
                      Last edited by weldec; 18 October 2006, 01:03 AM.
                      Regards Billy Boy :)

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                        Judging by the response to my thread most people are aware of the chances of catching something nasty while fishing. Having fished commercials or day ticket waters for many years I suppose they are there own worst enemey the more popular they are the more chance they have of attracting the kind of customers who just dont give a damn, many of whom probably dont even have a licence. I am no longer going to thirsk.


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                          On a point of health and safety if you are fishing earlswood yatcher try and spot the green algae signs (A5 note stapled to the tree). Not sure why they put proper signs as its always got green B-^"$y algae. Must be off those yatchs as the engine house never has a problem. May be becuase of floating islands on the engine house lake and if thats the case someone should have a word with the boat club to ask all boats have a hanging basket fitted front and rear


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                            weldec just read the post,Some one I now had the same, hospital hadn't a clue what was up with him till his wife who was visiting with her sister said casually "He was alright on Sunday when he went fishing" which was over heard by one off the doctors within minutes the place was in panic different machines etc.Fortunately they saved him, the doctors said later if he had not heard the statement he would have probably have died. Yes Weils disease is A KILLER, proper name leptospirosis?


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                              I am really pleased about the responses to the thread I started, now all we need to to do is educate the idiots out there who leave rubbish and excess bait for others to clean up. Fishery owners have a responsibility to anglers, the fish they stock and the environment, that some do not take as seriouslyas they should. From what I can gather the Angel of the North fishery owners have allready banned a number of anglers from the site. As I said before no licence no day ticket.