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Furnace mill

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  • Furnace mill

    Hi chaps, fishing willow at f-mill in april. not going to have time to go and have a practice, so looking for advice for 5 hr match. e.g any flyers to watch for,margins worth a look and when? baits ?. cheers.

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    Hi mate, I go to furnace a bit but not fished willow for 2-3 years as they don't often use it in the opens. Although I can shed a bit of light on it. As far as baits go, I'd just take pellet and corn, maybe some maggots or casters if you fancy fishing for silvers. There is a good head of Rudd roach, chub and barbel which you'll catch on these baits but if you want to catch carp then pellets are key. Fishery pellets but you can use your own hookers.
    As far as fliers go it's fairly even but peg 55 stands out as its the end peg on the one side with a big bed of reeds to fish to, although beware if you draw it you'll need heavy gear to get them out.
    The other pegs are mostly the same although I prefer the right hand bank, pegs 55 to 65 as the edges are a lot deeper. Fish tight against the bank if you can. Your long lines are deep, 8 to 10ft in places so you can catch shallow quite well. Hope this helps.


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      thanks Clampit
      that's a great help. do you think you could win a twenty pegger on just silvers plus the odd bonus fish, or would you specifically target the lumps to get a weight ?


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        matches i've fished on there in the past, have always been won with carp.


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          20 pegs on there? That'll be tight!! You could win with silvers, depends on how quickly you can catch them. With that many on it I'd want to draw 55 for sure. You'll have loads of room compared to everyone else.