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  • Coventry

    Hi everyone. Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong part of the site, I've literally just signed up to post this.

    Anyway, I am looking for a place/club to fish carp with big fish in the 30's. The club I'm currently in I am not getting on with the committee and they are banning alot of stuff. I am looking for somewhere like this that is in the coventry area. If anyone can help me out with suggestions that would be great. I've tried googling but it wasn't massively helpful.


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    Coombe Abbey has done a 30 or two, but by no means easy fishing.
    Not a lot about really other than the reservoirs that may throw up a 30. The canals are worth a shot too if you like searching for the fish.


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      Are the 30s in Drayton? Not far from Coventry


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        Thanks I will have a look at both of these, cheers


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          Try a trip to Dave Muttons shop on the canal side,he is in touch with a lot of the big fish anglers in the area and is a real helpful guy.(i will collect comission at the next meeting Dave).
          He can also be contacted through his facebook pages.
          Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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            Will do, thanks


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              Yes agree Drayton ,just down the a45, also leamington as book has/ did jubilee pools at Ryton pass the old Peugeot factory,there's a smaller set of pools before there think there day ticket waters was some doubles in there( I'm going back 14 years since I lived in Coventry ) also what about castle ashby lakes there was a speci pool as I said just going from memory pop in to lanes tackle on the London road.