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Re highly farm

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  • Re highly farm

    Hi guys looking for some advice on highly farm in Shirley Solihull and tips plesase let us know got a match on it next Saturday so any info would be great thansk in advance Tom

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    Had 2 matches on there, won them both by fishing 12 inches deep and useing white maggots. If you strike at all the bites you will hook maybe 2 out of ten, what you have to do is actually watch the fish suck in the maggot and then strike. it is absolutely FULL of small crucian cross type things, oh and weed. only feed to where you can see the fish take the bait, and you will, trust me they will swirl all over the surface. To relieve the boredom of catching one a chuck, you will see the occasional goldfish in amongst them, target him for a bit of fun.


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      Hi magottdrowne thank you for the advice plesase could you tell me wot type of rigs I should be using and hook sizes as I have not been fishing for a long time and have lost touch and wot elastics to use thansk Tom


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        those crucian cross things are brown gold fish!


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          Hi Keith as long as I can catch them and put some in the net I don't mind but it's seems a bit weedy Though