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Tyram Hall -Horseshoe

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  • Tyram Hall -Horseshoe

    Any one fished the horseshoe lake recently got a match coming up and not been for a while.


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    There you go mate ,hope it helps, we found some of the pegs unfishable hope they have sorted them out.

    JAMES MAUDE Ac Tyram Fishery (6hrs)

    Saturday 14th September 2013

    Weather: chilly start to the day, warmer spells once the sun broke through.


    So the James Maude’s Midlanders meandered their way up ta North for the maiden voyage to Tyram fishery, The Horse Shoe lake was the chosen venue and the spit a well established 30 pegger which showed a lot of promise. But this was soon to be dampened as the whistle was blown for the all in, 6 hrs have never been so long, rumours had it that you needed to draw on the point and this was to prove to be the area to be drawn on, as shown in the results. One man that was not slacking on the day was Alan Slack drawn on peg 15 the birthday boy made best of his good fortune in the draw bag, and on a tough day 45lb-6oz was a good weight, Alan caught on paste, corn and pellet all on top two and two. This was Alan’s first ever club match win, so well done to the birthday boy. Second place and a return to the club after a lay off was Paul Davies, fishing off peg 17 Paul bagged a commendable 35lb-1oz. Well done Paul. Third place was to another man on point Nick Heath taking 32lb-14oz to the scales from peg 16. Well done Nick. So top five weights coming from pegs 15,16,17,18,19, so credit to all the lads that stuck it out with great expectations but sadly it never happened. So a very disappointing day for the 21 anglers that made the long journey up ta North for very little in return. The results are as follows:

    Alan Slack 45lb-6oz peg 15
    Paul Davies 35lb-1oz peg 17
    Nick Heath 32lb-14oz peg 16
    Sean Hanrahan 29lb-3oz peg 19
    Julian Chadwick 28lb-4oz peg 18 (section winner)
    Shaun Green 27lb-11oz peg 25 (section winner)
    Billy Harrison 16lb-14oz peg 1 (section winner)
    Dave Sewell 15lb-12oz peg 12
    Johnny Evans 12lb-12oz peg 13
    Dave Johnson 11lb-9oz peg 14
    Kyle Wood 11lb-7oz peg 27
    Kev Brown 5lb-7oz peg 22
    Dave Lilliman 3lb-15oz peg 10
    Pete Jackson 3lb-8oz peg 11
    Brian Cox 3lb-5oz peg 4
    Paul Skeldon 3lb-2oz peg 23
    Tony Smith 3lb-2oz peg 6
    Gary Butcher 2lb-13oz peg 29
    Terry Cheeseman 2lb-9oz peg 9
    Lenny Burton 12oz peg 21
    Dean Collingham 6oz peg 7
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>