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Heronbrook meadow

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  • Heronbrook meadow

    Anyone know what the crack is on here? There Sunday any info would be brill

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    Also any info on match lake im there too


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        Been about 5 times this summer and seems to be a lot of shallow work at the moment with meat or pellet anywhere from 6m to the far bank. There seems to be pockets of f1's and pockets of mirrors in certain areas so slightly different fishing ie slapping and shallower for F1's usually. Shallow does help avoid the foul hookers even across against the far side

        Margins late on are always worth a few with gbait maggot if it's less than 2.5ft anything over and I personally would go pellet, corn to reduce the foul hookers.

        If it's windy don't dismiss the method to the far side, just a mini chuck underarm 14-16m will catch.

        I reckon you are looking at 100lb+ to win a clubbie, opens tend to have a bit more space and you see higher weights from the regulars.


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          Cheers mate what sort of gear we fishing across?? Because if fishing for f1s I'd fish 0.12s but if I'm gonna be hooking carp I wanna get em out?! So you reckon shallow across and catapult over the top? Was gonna fish loose gb and meat/ pellet across but you reckon lots foul hookers?


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            I tend to start 0.12 and step up if you find its mainly carp rather than f1's but I don't know the place well enough to know were they hole up week to week.

            If you can get them in shallow water across gbait, meat, pellet etc all work but sometimes they want to be close to cover and when its 4ft to the right and left of the cut outs I reckon it would be a nightmare with foulhookers if you were feeding gbait......I often start on the deck 3-4ft on pellet but have a rig ready for shallow and then catty little and often if they are up. Maybe its my feeding but tbh you see and hear lots of stories of loosing unstoppable fish which I reckon are fouled same as mine lol!


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              Cheers mate appreciate that, there's cut outs on most pegs ain't there? That's the shallow water across I suppose you're talking about? Hard pellets or soft? Suppose depends on the day and the way they're having it, looking forward to it anyway