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Moon lakes - tattershall - lincolnshire

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  • Moon lakes - tattershall - lincolnshire

    Going here saturday.

    theres 5 ponds to chose from, anyone ever fished these and can anyone give me advice on best methods and bait...

    Thanks all

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    Hi newies,

    the first lake you get to is moon lake its round with an odd shaped island in it. It has 30 odd pegs, it is a nice lake to fish with carp to 20lb and plenty of silvers. I like to pleasure fish this one but not to match fish it due to anglers fishing in each others peg next to the island, either deliberatly or due to bad casting either way i can't do with the arguing. With the first frosts coming this week methods are changing so the straight lead is taking over from the feeder and feed little and often on the pole. Don't fish to light the carp are big. Main baits are pole (pellet or caster), bomb (hair rigged meat, corn or prawn)

    Moat lake is a canal type lake with mainly carp, pole is the best method with pellet, corn, caster or maggot whichever you are confident with in cold weather. This lake an excellent match water and pleasure lake. its 13mts to 20mts wide on the corner pegs. Depth is 2ft in margins to 6ft down the track. If pleasure fishing go to a corner peg.

    Marsh at the moment has just been stocked again with carp so weights are very good. It is another canal type lake similar to moat, the pole is the main method. However, it is full of weed which due to the aireator pushing it round clings to your line and is a pain.

    Manor is a lake with 3 islands and the main methods are bomb and pole with the waggler used between the gaps in the islands. match weights have been around 70lb to 100 plus however with the cold snap saturdays open was won with 50lb plus. On the bomb with meat on an hair.

    There is another canal lake but i can't remember its name it has got a lot of very small carp in it, it doesn't get fished that often.

    if you need more there is a web site

    All the best steve.
    Steve Davies


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      hay steve, just noticed you replied to this thread. thanks alot..

      like i said on my pm, booked pegs 25-30 on the moon lake.

      fishing small open ended feeder with dark fishmeat ground bait with pellet, corn and maggot mixed in.

      going for the size 18 hook

      aiming 2m short of the island

      and like you said, feed as little as poss, wait 10mins between each cast. change the hook bait until you hit a fish.

      really looking forward to it, anymore advice, let me know.