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Billingham Beck

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  • Billingham Beck

    avnt been out for a while due to health,but managed to get out over the weekend,i wasnt planning on anything sereous :hence Billingham beck!! but however upon arrival the beck had a bit of coloured water in it....
    Right to begin with this a main tributary of the lower tidal Tees, pollution/low water quality is against the lower part of the beck,as the beck runs adjacent to what used to be I.C.I.
    The bottom end of the beck where it meets the Tees is Seal country!! and very tidal,anyway the section i fished is non tidal and very narrow with hardly any places to fish,unless of course they is a bit of extra water
    so float fishing was order of the day using a very small stick float to start with was my 1st choice,the first peg i fished produced a boat load of minnows and sticklebacks and one small dace,so i moved to another spot and never had a bite!! by this time i'm getting closer to the A 19 which means running the gauntlet as far crossing over it is concerned!! so i had two more pegs before my crossing,again blankerty blank! after i finally crossed im now in to farmland etc...i ignored the first few pools and fished near the horses i changed float to something a bit more beefy-er to cater for the humble worm,the water was running abit faster and deeper here and the banks were steeper,i fished here when i was a kid about 12 year old or something and got stung by some wasps 114 stings to be procise and a week in north tees hospital anyway second cast got a trout (brownie) about 3lbs or something proper quality fish followed by 3 small chubb,so by this time the pool has been well fished so a move was in need,i moved to a pool where the feeder stream from Wynyard enters the beck,Wynyard back in the day, well the late 80s and beyond used to be Lord Londonderry's land you know tally ho hunting stalking deer pheasent shoots and game keepers as hard as granite rock!!! but happily no longer so again i used the worm managed 3 more trout again brownies smallest one was about 2lb the 2nd was a bit bigger but the 3rd one must have been well over 5lb proper quality browns no rainbows starngely enough,i looked under a few rocks and managed to catch a few loach in my landing net and a bullhead or two,after that i got tortured off gudgeon and minnows got very bored and tired due to my back probs but still had a wonderfull day