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Seighford Lakes Stafford

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  • Seighford Lakes Stafford

    Off to Seighford Lakes tomorrow. A lad I fish with works there and has invited me up to try their new 60 peg Maze pool out. I'm looking forward to fishing a new water and from what i've heard they are going in the right direction. 6 new stockings going in over the winter and another 3000lb on site waiting to be introduced come winter time.

    The lake is designed to be fair, numerous bays and islands give virtually every peg a good chance from the draw bag and some kind of feature to fish to.

    I'll post how I got on and possibly a few pics of the lake it's self.

    They have an open match on the 18th August see link below for information on how to enter.

    Tight Lines

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    Yea im fishing the open on the 18th so info would be appreciated because ive never seen the place


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      The whole lake is really nice looking with virtually every peg offering something different feature wise. After a short walk round with one of the lads It soon becomes apparent how this lake got it's name, winding canal style waterways all linked up with channels and bays that scream fish. The banks are mature with good vegetation and plenty of features to fish to. Peg 20 (my peg) has a bay out in front, no more than 25 meters out with reeds,lilly's and good marginal vegetation for some down the edge action later on. After setting up on one of the very large ,level and tidy pegs I plumbed up a pole line at 13 meters where I found 3 1/2 ft of water and a hard bottom. I'd also set up a method feeder for the far bank.

      I started on the method as I could see the reeds being knocked about by some fish and first cast was as close as I wanted to get. A few liners came but no real bites. I fed the pole line for the first half hour and went on it after no joy on the tip. A few minutes later and the first fish of the day. A 2lb bream was in the net, I caught these steady for an hour of so and then got broke by one of the resident carp picking up my bait and making a run for the cover. I was fishing light as the main stocks here are bream, skimmers and other quality course fish. After putting a new rig on I carried on catching a few bream but no carp had returned. Going back on the the tip I had a few pull rounds but fishing so close to the snags they managed to bury themselves in the cover and take my hook length with them. I decided to call it a day after landing about 20-30 lb of bream. I spoke the the lad fishing next to me and he'd had a good day catching carp to 6lbs and plenty of bream fishing peg 23 tight to the reeds 2ft deep and 13m in front of him. He used paste and pellet to good effect on yet another lovely looking peg.

      I really enjoyed it at this lake, the staff are nice and the lake is beautiful. I think when the next stockings go in winter time this place will be great sport come next year. It's been refreshing to fish on such a nice water that isn't your typical commercial packed with carp.

      Hope to see a few of you down there for their open on the 18th, I wouldn't expect massive 100lb + weights but a good days sport can be had fishing light for everything.



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        I fished here yesterday, there where matches on the maze so we fished the old lake and bagged roach Rudd and skimmers for a few hours then moved onto the maze! Not a sniff! Saw a few fish on the top (no floating baits rule) but fishing was very hard with everyone struggling! It's a cracking looking water just needs a better stock or matchs! Big bags will be rare!


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          Agreed the Maze Does need more fish. Fish are booked in for this winter! It hasn't fished the same since we had all that water a few weeks ago.
          Roll on this winter.
          Mtch weights previous were 50lb-100lb.....since the water they are rigt down to 10lb-25lb....First stocking will be going in the end of this month


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            That's good to know then, like I said its a cracking water. Enjoyed my trip


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              Cheers for the positive feed back, no idea what was wrong with my keyboard on my previous post.
              Hope to see you up here again soon! The Horseshoe Pool has been fishing excellent. Chap did 68 Carp off there last week to about 4lb, and half a dozen Tench to 5lb. Along with plenty of Roach, Rudd and Perch


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                do they do opens on sundays?
                new pb 151lb 11/08/12 oak pool,cobhouse


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                  No mate, But there is an open this Saturday (18th August)....


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                    Originally posted by Geordie_Carp_man View Post
                    Yea im fishing the open on the 18th so info would be appreciated because ive never seen the place
                    Sorry to bump an old thread. I fished the Maze yesterday ( 20th may 2013) and had a cracking day. Plenty of carp between 3 and 7 pounds, some very good bream and roach. I fished approx 11 metres from the bank and all caught on sweetcorn


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                      Nice one Spearist, i know some lads off this forum are fishing it this weekend. Hope it fishes ok. Its been slightly tougher in matches!