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box with wide pole seat?

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  • box with wide pole seat?

    im after a different box. im finding my rive a bit like sitting on a toad stool

    what i would like is a box with plenty of storage and a wide pole seat with decent cushion!
    any extras such as feeder arm/ keepnet arm/ spray bar etc would also be interesting.
    can you include seat dimensions with anything you might offer?

    budget is around 250, i live in north nott's but work in harrogate.
    now, im away from friday the 7th aug. but can be reached or texted on 07974440493.

    cheers, rick.
    north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D

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    hi which rive box have you got have you thought about a box swap or buying a leather customised rive seat alot less than anew box i have drennan world class2 matchbox which is comfortable


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      i dont know which model it is dave. it looks like this

      it just feels a little bit cramped to me. but im not of small stature lol so a new cushion isnt going to be enough. i could do with the storage and comfort of an old daiwa box, but with the benefits of a modern match box. i dont know if what i want is available because ive been out of it all for a while. i could entertain a box swap, or keep this one for me lad.
      north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D


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        Preston Space Station

        I am looking to sell my space station. Comes with 2no trays, 2no deep drawers, a deep base and a large side tray. It is about 18 months old and in good condition. Would be looking for around 250. if your interested let me know and i'll send some pictures. Im based in Nottingham.

        Preston Space Station - All Seat Boxes - Seat Boxes - Coarse / Match


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          im looking to sell my tardis come with side tray and spray bar huge box and huge seat cost me 800 new looking for 250
          :DFishinG Is GooD,CatchinG Is BetteR:D


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            Milo 6 Drawer

            Hi mate, i've got a Milo 6 drawer with fold up footplate, excellent condition apart from 1 catch at the back is broken (can be replaced). It has the sidetray and groundbait bowl underneath. I work in Leeds city centre if you want to have a look.
            Looking for £190.
            Also have another box very similar design to the Milo, its 7 drawer but doesn't have a footplate. One small tear on seat (1cm) everything else is in good condition, after £100 for this one. PM or give me a call if interested in having a look, 07900231294, Gaz


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              Have a look at my Maver MX3000 which is for sale. It is a big box with a big flat, comfortable seat on it.


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                im back!
                so whats still available?
                north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D


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                  I have sold my Maver box now through this forum. I have a Matchbox Pyramid 4 and a Matchbox Gold I would sell but they may be a bit small for you.


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                    hi there m8 i have a diawa tornament box with a brand new trolley kit never used and the box is 4 months old plenty of storage that is up for £240 cheers ian


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                      sorted thanks fellas.

                      cheers for all the offers.
                      north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D