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Penrose barrow wheel

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  • Penrose barrow wheel

    Got a puncture,anyone know spec of tube or where i can get get a replacement or a tyre pla
    ce that repairs small dia wheels ,think tube has perished.OR has anyone got one thats lying around that is for sale.Its the single wheel type that fits under the front of the platform on a xxl platform.Think i've read /heard somewhere that penrose have packed it in and i cannot find any of their webpages active. thanks

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    Penrose went bust last year i think, best option a lawnmover shop for a tube


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      Caravan place or even normal car tyre place will repair them.


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        I have seen simliar wheels and tyres in some of the bigger B & Q stores, also the country store outlets, (Mole Valley Farmers, Scats Countrystore etc), stock a range of wheels for agriculture use.


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          take a look in machine mart?


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            prenrose barrow tyre

            Hi, fudge try a cyclist shop, its suprising what inner tubes they have, I got one for my milo tyrel, fitted perfect.


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              thanks all, gives me a few options to try i'd not have thought about


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                Thought i'd post to let you all know where i got sorted,may be of help to others in the future in the same predicament.Tried tyre garage~too small for them.So tried lawnmower repairs ~no joy but very helpful,advised me to try motability scooters.So eventually got two 400 x 4 tubes with 90 degree offset valves from Motability Smart of Preston(0845~8688612) £16 incl p&p,delivered within 3 days.