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16m Maver 371 competition pole

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  • 16m Maver 371 competition pole

    I'm looking to upgrade to a new pole,what price do you think a Maver 371 competition is worth.

    10 top kits some are match & some power tops,all tops have laccy in them.

    3 tops have been made into side pullers & have preston laccy in them.

    spare short no4 & a extra long no4

    2x top cup kit's,one has been made out of a power top & is stiff as hell when shipping out.

    Thanks on any advice guys.

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    Probably around the £500 mark, look at the completed listings on ebay there's usually a few on there!
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      Hi pelet, i have a 371, and im always pondering with upgrading, so i regularly check ebay to see what price they go for and the last 3 on there went for between £530 and £750, all with similar packages. The cheaper ones normally have a repair or 2 on them.i hope this helps.


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        Hi guy's thanks on comming back.Number 6 section is repaired on main pole.I also have back up sections for this pole that i would add in if sold.6 & 8 sections on back up sections have repairs but can be used,also i have a back up 7th section no repair on it.On the main pole i've added some newer sections about 2 years back.If any one wants to see this pole i'm in Lancashire Blackpool.I guess around £700 would be a fair price with back up sections?.

        Why i'm selling is,i'm getting a Xitan Z12 Evolution in a week on wednesday.
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