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Tri Cast Aristocrat Pole

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  • Tri Cast Aristocrat Pole

    Right guys I have the following pole for sale.

    Tri Cast Aristocrat 15.7m Pole.

    3 interex 3's (short 4's)

    5 Match Kits

    4 Power Kits

    Cupping Kit

    0.85 m Extension. Takes the pole to 16.5m, it can be used in the 14m or 16m section.

    The first time i used this pole 2 years ago it blew of the rollers, upon inspection there was a 1 inch hairline crack in the No 5 and No 6 section and two 1 inch hairlines in the no 7 section. I could have quite easily left these as they took some finding but i decided to get them wrapped by esselle. The pole still packs in to one. I have used this ever since catching carp up to 20 lbs when the elastic has bottomed out the pole has stood firm. The only proper breakage occurred on one of the match kits which i stood on and crushed (didnt break in two) esselle have repaired this and its been sound.

    The paint on the 14m and 16m sections has a fair bit of wear from normal usage. The 0.85 extension and 2 of the interex 3's were only purchased 4 months ago so are as new.


    Collection from North Nott's.

    Any further questions drop me a pm.

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    Just need to mention that 3 of the power kits are from a Tri Cast Finnesse.

    Package now reduced to £675.


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      If you're willing to split i'll take some top kits and short 4s off you. They fit the trilogy from i remember


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        also intrested in power top kits and no 4s if you decide to split package
        GOT BAITS...


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          what a package 9 kits 3 short 4s and extension ultra strong pole. The pole will be as stated ive had sections from B911 before and were just like he stated.
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            The Aristocrat short 4's don't fit the Trilogy, just the top kits. However the 15.7m section from the aristocrat fits up the back end of a trilogy, and can be used as an extension. Used to have a Trilogy and the Aristocrat was my back up pole.


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              Mine was the same but ended up with two trillogys it's a bargin
              Paypal gift is for friends only


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                Reduced price.

                Right guys i am reducing this to £600 (no offers) i think this is a bargain even considering the current climate for used poles.


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                  swop it for a daiwa G8 with 5 match kits cup kit and short 4?? one pro repair on number 8 all other sections are like new??

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                    No Thanks Sheff. No swapsies on this.


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                        thats a bargin m8.can not believe this as not sold.


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                          I'm interested and local too. Do you have pictures of the wraps or any idea of cost of replacing them?


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                            Will try and sort some pictures if you want.
                            Not sure on cost of replacements but as stated in the original listing they were small hairline cracks not breakages and do not affect the pole at all.
                            I've nothing to hide with this pole, if your local why not meet up at a local water some time and you can try it out before you part with your cash?


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                              " if your local why not meet up at a local water some time and you can try it out before you part with your cash? " can't argue with that !!