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Daiwa SR5 value please.

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  • Daiwa SR5 value please.

    could you give me an idea on what my Daiwa SR5 is worth. Its been used a dozen times max. 2 power kits have just been done with black hydro. Its immaculate, the graphic sections have never been used. The holdall has a couple of rips where it caught when getting it out of the garage.

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    hi m8,on here, its normally about 50% less than shop price.The only prob with that is,when did you buy the pole?they hit the market at 800-900 quid, but now you can pick them up between 600 and 700.i got mine back in may for 650.Also i ve noticed some sr5 have a different amount of topkits.a cracking pole though.


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      SR5 is available in shops @ about £650 @moment
      I brought 1 off here last year for £275 virtualy brand new !
      Problem you will encounter Diawa have changed Graphics & name to XR5 so your pole is now out of date !!
      Great pole #& well wrth around the £400 to £450 mark with full package IMO


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        eBay it mate poles seem to go for silly money on there I wouldn't bother selling it for 300 quid it'd be worth keeping in your holdall for that money
        Tight lines


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          How many top kits are with the pole mate.



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            Thanks guys, I've decided to keep it for the time being. I'll stick it on here first if I do decide to sell.


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              I've decided to let this go. Its not going to get used so I'm looking at getting £480 for it. I've used it twice and the last chap no more than a dozen times. I've only done 2 power sections, one with brand new Black hydro and one with Black Hydro taken out of my old pole, about 6 months old. I'm off work at the minute with a bad back ( hence why I'm not to fussed pole fishing over 7-8 metres anymore) so I will struggle to get it out and send photos. If anyone is interested then please ask any questions. Its in perfect condition apart from the holdall which has a couple of rips. If you want to look I'm only 5 mins away from Westwood Lakes, Boston.