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Maver Poles

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  • Maver Poles

    13m Maver G41.
    Number 8 has a thin professional wrap mid section to strengthen a dink. Works great.
    All other sections undamaged, good condition. Some wear on female ends as expected, but all sound.
    Clean caps on sections 4,5 and 6.
    While it is an old pole it has only been used a dozen or so times in the last 5 years so isn't as worn as you'd expect.

    11.5m Maver Steel.
    This is the carp pole (rated 18) that interchanges with the G41, all sections swap.
    This has barely been used (I don't really do pig fishing) and it shows in the great condition.

    1 x G41 14.5m section. Very good condition.

    2 x G41 14.5m sections. These are parallel so can be used to take it up to silly lengths or as spares. Both have a small crack midsection (from box leg top) but are perfectly usable, or easy wrap would be fine.

    1 x G41 13m section. Some chips to the female end, just needs sanding back a cm or so.

    SPARE 4,5,7,8 sections. All broken and repaired (not professionally) these are fine for snaggy swims, galeforce days or as emergency back ups.

    SPARE 2 x number 5 sections. Both telescoped but not resined or wrapped. Easy repair.

    SPARE 2 x number 4 sections. Both telescoped, one wrapped the other not.

    2 x Drennan universal carp tops, perfect fit. Very good condition. These are still available so kits could be stocked up.

    6 x Maver G41top kits, all cut back for canal elastics, most bushed with internals. Very good condition. One number 3 section telescoped and resined.

    There we have it, I've tried to give a realistic appraisal of the poles.

    Basically 2 x 14.5m poles, 8 top kits, an extension, 2 x 4 and 2 x 5 sections, and a spare 4,5,7 and 8 sections.

    This has been a good pole, won me some mone and done everything I asked of it. It's a great pole on the cut especially up to 13m, crisp and light.

    Sad to see it go but have no need for it now, looking for 200 quid.
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