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Drennan Acolyte pole for sale

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  • Drennan Acolyte pole for sale

    16m drennan acolyte pole

    I'll check and confirm tomorrow but this has the full retail package of spares - two dolly butts, 3 spare no3's (lequivalent to a no4 on a Daiwa etc; one is extra strong for cupping), 9 match kits, 10 power kits (tbc), 1 cupping kit, 6 generic kits (I have these set with silvers lackey they are good quality and fit perfectly). There is also a spare professionally repaired no4 (a five equivalent on a daiwa etc)- this was bought from a shop after their customer trod on the section- it's perfectly usable and very handy for deep venues.

    Overall in vgc except for slight dings in the no4 and no5 joints but these are very minor and don't affect the pole at all.

    All no.3s have being drilled and bushed, some with vespe pulla bushes. All Drennan kits have elastic centralisers fitted.

    Most top kits have quality elastic fitted.

    I think this would run to circa £3500 in the shops ( not including the generic kits which cost £40 each)

    Quality rod tubes but no hold all.

    £2100 for a quick sale.

    Chris 07798 725480

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    Pole would need to be mint for that money mate


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      25 top kits might help to obtain that price dazza!!


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        Thanks Col

        Dazza = thanks for your observations but as Col has highlighted there are a LOT of extra top kits with this package - the drennan kits are £85 a go x10 = £850; the generics were £40 each = £240; the number 4 (5) cost me £50 - plus the kits are all drilled plus elastic = well over £1100. Added to the RRP that's about £4000 (it soon adds up doesn't it).
        To repeat the marks are minor and most poles have things similar or considerably worse after some use - I just wanted to be 100% honest in my description.

        To anyone thinking about this it is a really good pole and its important to realise its is a full 16m - this puts it around 1m longer than the offerings from Daiwa so if your comparing performance consider this carefully.

        Thanks for reading....

        Btw this will go to eBay if unsold at the end of this week.


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          Agreed mate thats a lot of kit bargain for someone


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            For clarity the "dings" I mentioned are on the leading edge of the pole, they are very slight a result of lightly catching the leading edge, they are not on the outside of the main pole.

            I will sell the main pole as the original package for £1700 & power kits for £50 each though won't release the kits until the main pole is sold.
            The generic kits are available at £30 each.


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              Where you based mate ?
              TEAM PRO LINE


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                He's in Leeds mate


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                  Thanks mate.
                  TEAM PRO LINE


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                    Pole gone but generic kits available
                    Well worth buying , can't tell difference IMO , I used them fir silvers but could take carp lackey no problem