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Maver pole

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  • Maver pole

    Hi All

    I have a broken number 7 section on a Maver M25 pole. I am considering selling the pole as is including the 3 power kits and the match kit. The match kit is un used and not yet elsticated.

    Just wondered if anyone might have an idea how much it might be worth as is.

    Thanks in advance


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    There's one going on TF at the moment with a couple more tops for £250


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      Is it complete or broke like mine


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        TF = Total Fishing

        It is complete, was going to buy it myself but the guy up in Sheffield and I'm in Surrey!


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          ok thanks for info was hoping it would be worth more than that as there is £300 of top kits alone. Plus the spare sections apart from number 7


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            is it just me or what,seem to notice a lot of maver stuff going for sale lately, also,as i repair rods etc for a few local shops i am noticing aquite a bit of maver stuff coming in for mending.while i am not dissing maver does there seem to be a trend for,how shall i put it,lightness at the expense of a strong bit of carbon.Or,all we all beginning to overload these poles as the carp are getting a bit bigger.Bit disjointed i know but i have just surfaced. had a really vivid dream that i won the bloody lottery,imagine how i felt when i looked round and there was a large piece of cellulite to crush my hopes!!


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              We've all been there mate


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                Maver sell more poles than anybody else and with the craze in crunching out bigger and bigger carp, it comes as no surprise to find a lot of Maver breakages. I know people who have had problems with maver poles but when you condsider the number of affordable poles that they sell, these are a very small proportion.

                Diawa might have the hold at the top end of the market but you don't find many average anglers fishing with Tourny Pros and Spectron Powers. Maver produce a large range of affordable poles, that may well be misused by your average angler. I dislike the term 'rated up to 20 elastic'. Stick a 20 elastic in, set it up incorrectly, bully your fish and you know what is going to happen.

                I know lots of people who love the old spectron. No honestly


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                  Not the sort of thing I want hear as i'am about to purchase the Maver Messiah 16 Mtrs any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Im with you on the over use of heavy elastic.
                  Regards Billy Boy :)

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                    Weldec, the maver messiah is a great all round pole and with proper use it should cope with the majority of fish on commercial waters. Not fantastic at 16m (find me a pole that is in that price range) but excellent at anything less.

                    Maver poles used to be on the brittle side many moons ago (but great canal poles) and unfortunately, some can't accept that their poles have improved greatly and that times have changed. Some tackle shops that don't sell Maver will claim that they won't stock them as they are crap and break all of the time. Just look at the number of maver poles on the bank.

                    However, you find me a tackle company who produces useable all round poles that have no chance of breaking under extreme conditions or misuse.

                    What I consider is whether it is a decent piece of kit and as to whether the back up service is reputable. I accept that a section might break due to a fault from the manufacturer (sh*t happens) but as long as it is replaced promptly and free of charge, then fine. If the same section breaks time and time again, then that is a different matter.


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                      Hi Painy,

                      You have restored my faith in the Maver cheers mate. Not really any serious doubts as I have the Maver Grim Reaper at the moment and have had some good carp on it and coped admirably. But I really am looking forward to playing around with the Messiah, as you say and I agree not many hold up well at 16Mtr but it gives you that option should the fish be on the far bank for a while. But I must say the big attraction was the price tag of £560, brand new 3x power tops and 1x match top plus cupping kit and holdall. So I'm well chuffed mate. Sorry to have hijacked the thread a little Gooner but you had me worried for a while . Ok know .
                      Regards Billy Boy :)

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                        The maver poles are good the m25 is so well blanced and easy to fish with it is really good.I dont reallly want to sell but this is second section ive broke (still havnt got it repaired), it seems that slightest misuse weakens sections considerbly, unfortunatly for me I am not the most carefull angler although I do try. I have bought a grim reaper to keep me going till I decide what to do.

                        I have had 12 and 14lbers on m25 and use max of 14 elastic in power kit with 4lb bottom. I never bully fish just let them run and keep pole as close to them as possible. The fish that broke number 7 was a 1lb common. Obviuosly section was damaged and it went as I lifted into fish.

                        I do like the pole alot but cant justify &#163;100+ each seson on snapped sections. I know im clumsy and it is more likely me than the pole.


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                          weldec, Ive had a Messiah for a year now and its a brilliant pole.
                          Never had any stuck section, creaks, moans or groans from it.
                          I broke a number 4 section which was my own fault, blew of the roller when I was using a tulip rest. Snapped clean in half but that would have happened to any pole that was in the rest on that windy day.
                          I'm quite heavy handed too and have give it some right hammer.
                          Thinking of getting the n47 next as this pole has been good. We shall see


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                            Why not send the broken section off to Scott at Esselle pole repairs ?
                            &#163;30 or so and it will be good as new and proberly stronger than before
                            [url=""]The Black Hydro Fishing Adventures[/url]


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                              Originally posted by Clive
                              Why not send the broken section off to Scott at Esselle pole repairs ?
                              £30 or so and it will be good as new and proberly stronger than before
                              Yeah I have already been intouch with him about this.
                              Im just waiting to get round to sending it off to him cheers
                              Then at least I will have a spare.
                              Good thinking batman