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diawa exceler 16m

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  • diawa exceler 16m

    I have a well used diawa exceler for sale as follows-

    1 good number 4 from a spectron
    2 broken telescoped number 4s
    no5 with a professional repair and re-enforcing wrap round the female joint
    no6 with a professional repair and a re-enforcing wrap on the female
    7-11 all ok apart from scratches on the graphics and some scribblings about tree stumps and sedges in black pen so I wouldn't forget where I was fishing!

    number 5,8,9,10,11 sections from a matchwinner 811 which interchange as back up

    6 original top3 kits with the number 1s removed, I still have a couple of the number 1s if required.

    1 brand new MK3 match kit with the number 1 removed

    1 short 4

    Phex 3 and 4, half butts for 8-11 sections

    177ext 17.5m extension, easily fishable at 17.5m with this as well.

    Very, very light pole which handles carp fine which was £1700 when on the market a couple of years ago, built on the same mandrel as and very similar to a spectron. Might be good for a spectron owner for spares?

    Any offers? Before it goes on ebay.

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    can I politely suggest that you put it on Ebay


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      Originally posted by Judge22 View Post
      can I politely suggest that you put it on Ebay
      Why do you say that?


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        Gaz i might be interested in the SPEX177 extension if its in good condition and you're willing to sell it seperately? After tonight i won't be back near a computer until Sunday evening....have a wedding to go to (just in case you think i'm ignoring any reply).


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          The spex is in fair condition. No chips or cracks just normal light scuffing from use, all the graphics are intact. I know they where nearly 200 notes but have seen them new now for 130 so I suppose 70ish would be a fair price?


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            what sort of money do you want gaz?


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              Hard to say at the minute as it looks like im selling the extension separately and I lad is coming round mine this afternoon to buy the mk3 top kit. I suppose £380 + shipping for the rest of it would be fair. Theres an extra telescoped number 4 section ive just found as well.


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                Will u swap it for some wilky floats?