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shimano aspire pole

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  • shimano aspire pole

    i had an accident with my pole and broke a some sections,i claimed on my insurance and it was replaced i had the damaged sections repaired by gem pole repairs(they do all the repairs for north west tackle shops)
    i intended to use it as a back up anyway i havent used it for ages now so i am selling it either as a usable(but repaired)pole or for spares,
    i have some power tops and match top 3's and 4's all undamaged
    it was the middle sections that where damaged the 11- 12.5 - 14 - 16 m sections are all ok, i am just sorting a list of which are repaired or ok at the moment,if anyone is interested let me know

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    I could well be......


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      Looking to make up a cupping kit, also spare top 3's + 4's...wouldn't go a miss.


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        my update
        shimano aspire

        4 power no 2s all good with various elastics prestons or hydro all with dacron connectors and pulla bungs
        3 match top 3's all good with various elastics all would need replacing not used for ages
        1 top 3 with no. 3 repaired
        1 no 4 good
        2 no 4s repaired
        no 5-6 both repaired
        power no5 good
        1no7 repaired
        1no 8 good -1 no 8 repaired(stood on the repaired one when i first got it)
        1 no.9 repaired
        10 = 14m section good no repairs
        11 = 16 m section mint hardly used
        1 cupping kit
        1 power top 2-prestons universal (wont fit either of my new poles)fitted with yellow prestons hollow with dacron connector and pulla bung
        the pole is the original aspire

        all the breaks except the no 8 and a no 3(which was down to my clumsiness)were done by my stupid dog-i stupidly took the pole to bits in the kitchen for cleaning and stood them up against the sink i got a phone call and i had go out - you probably guessed i forgot to put them away in my hurry when i came back it was to late.
        i intended getting another one with my insurance money but no one had an aspire in stock so i got a tournement instead
        i have never given cost a thought,i would obviously like to get rid in one lot,if your interested have a think about cost and make me an offer.


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          You have PM.


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            Erm, waiting for a reply please......


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              sorry only just been online message sent


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                pm sent mate


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                  Do the top kits fit an aspire pro comp?


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                    how much for the pole? where are you based?