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garbolino super g silver seatbox with loads of accessories

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  • garbolino super g silver seatbox with loads of accessories

    hi guys i have for sale my 9 month old garbolino seatbox plus a load of accessories from garbolino rive and preston. it is in good used condtion a few minor marks which u expect.
    the set cost me £ 850 new and all yours for £370 u can send me a pm or give us a ring on 07595713337 i am in tamworth but my be able to deliver at a extra cost.

    Trolley Wheels - £34.99

    Trolley handle -£9.99

    Spray Bar Trolley Arm - £24.99

    Team Daiwa® Side Tray with two telesopic legs - £49.99

    preston bait brolly - £29.99

    Preston Off Box Grounbait Bowl Set - £16.99

    garbolino super g side tray - £19.99

    preston pole sock - £5.99

    Preston Innovations Cross Arm Short - £8.99

    Preston Innovations Cross Arm Long - £9.99

    Preston Innovations Keepnet Arm Short - £8.99 x2 = £17.98

    Preston Innovations Brolly Arm - £8.50

    Preston Innovations 6 Section Pole Roost Set - £19.99

    Rive Double Kit Arm roost - £29.99

    garbolino cross arm - £7.99

    rive groundbaiting arm/ feeder arm - £38.99

    team daiwia v rollers - £39.99 x 2 = £79.98

    garbolino balling in arms - £14.99

    Introducing the awesome Garbolino Super G Seat Box! A revolutionary design built around the words 'a pleasure to use'. The new moulded, rotating, height adjustable seat is formed like a comfortable chair. After all whether it's the office, car or aeroplane all seats that are meant to be used for long periods of time are shaped. This helps provide better back posture, especially whilst pole fishing over a long session. The swivelling seat has some huge advantages as it can be adjusted to the ideal height suited to the individual angler and the seat can be positioned depending of the style of fishing; when feeder fishing it can be turned slightly to create the best and most comfortable angle; when margin fishing it can be swivelled a full 90 degrees either way, and when pole fishing long it can be adjusted slightly to give perfect posture. The box has two 60mm side drawers and one 30mm cross drawer underneath the seat which holds all the accessories you will need to carry, and the stacking system is housed underneath and locked onto the main frame. The box comes with a stacking lid, one 30mm stacking tray and one 120mm tray. The system comes with four extendable and two standard carbon legs. The front footplate is integral to the main frame of the box and is both simple and effective sliding away underneath the main frame when not in use. All locking mechanisms from the legs to the G Station accessories incorporate Garbolino's new G Clamp cam lock system making adjustments quick, simple and safe. The impact resistant stacking system has a choice of 30mm, 60mm, 90mm or 120mm depth options with an option of winder fixing or dividers. Plus quick release locking helps you access the trays with one hand. The Super G Carbon version also incorporates a trolley system. Quick and easy to use the wheels clamp directly onto the base of the chassis and the trolley arm utilizes the spray bar support system. An optional side footplate enhances the swivel seat even further.

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    i put so pics up tomoz if i can work out how to put them on here


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      you have a pm


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        forgot to say comes with about 30 fox winders in rig tray


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          still for sale guys


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              reduced price now £350


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                  I have a rive d25 and wondered if the attachments/legs are interchangeable between the two as you are selling some of both together?
                  Last edited by tewton; 13 October 2009, 08:21 PM.


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                    yes they r m8


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                      still for sale guys


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                        now at £300 no offers


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