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Preston Cintex Pole

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  • Preston Cintex Pole

    Preston Cintex 16m Pole for sale with 6 Tops plus cupping kit....looking for £400 or nearest offer....I am based in Bury North West.....pick up would be better..


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      wots it like at fulllength mate and at 13m?


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        Originally posted by ben harrison View Post
        wots it like at fulllength mate and at 13m?
        had one of these poles 3 yrs ago £400 bit overpriced seen them go alot cheaper than this this is a out and out bagging pole
        just made for carp as there is no match kits supplied heavy at 16m wouldnt hold it all day
        very strong pole though
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          It's a proper bagging pole and although heavier than an allround pole I have fished all day at 13m its great.

          If you think its overpriced then fine but i did indicate ono.....


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            I have had one of these poles for years and would not swop for any other, had carp upto 19Ib on this and fish as small as a couple of ounces, the best pole i have had, a couple of friends of mine have both bought this pole this year for around £550 with about 4 power top kits and a cupping kit. I paid just over £700 about five years ago, as some of you may recall i lost a top 2 power kit at a ta contest ( and the fish ) and it cost me £80.00 for a replacment, think this is a bargain. Good luck in selling this pole think whoever buys it wont be disapointed.


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              Thanks Moonshine....


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                no takers on this? Its a great baggin tool...