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Milo Carbonite complete system

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  • Milo Carbonite complete system

    Having always had Milo boxes I have crossed over to the DARK side and bought a Rive RX2 thus I am selling my Milo Carbonite and all the accessorys.
    This Box is about 4-5months old and has been used about 4-5 times MAX
    This your chance to get your hands on the best selling seatbox of last year plus every accessory a Matchman/pleasure angler could desire!
    It is in immaculate condition and anyone who knows me will tell you I look after my gear (I am a tart )


    Milo Carbonite Seatbox
    2xfront drawers,
    2x side drawers already filled with 40 Brand New Milo Pole winders,
    Base Unit,
    M6 Module,
    Padded carry strap,
    Gel Pole Seat (the best on the market IMO),
    Anti slip pull out footplate (NEVER been used or on the bank! ),
    Daytona Pole Crooks and all bars required (NEVER been out the packet! )
    Milo Sliding Side tray (NEVER been used or on the bank! )
    Milo Spraybar and all the attachments (NEVER been used or on the bank! )
    Milo Seatbox Cover,
    Adjustable Milo Brolly arm (Never Used),
    2x Milo module dividers In top section of M6 unit and added Extra,
    2x Extra Long wading teloscopic Milo legs,
    1x Milo module Lid,
    Penrose XL side tray with flip out Groundbait support + tray.

    I should have a couple of spare thumbscrews for box as well as spray bar attachments so IF I can find them these will be included in the package.

    So there you have it this will be sold for the best offer made as I think you will agree this a phemomenal package!

    Please Pm me on here or you can reach me on 07877-668857 please no time wasters this package has an RRP of at least £600 if not more!

    Cheers guys
    Baggin Machine

  • #2
    The Milo looks like a lovely bit of kit, what didn't you like about it? Having said that, the RiveRX2 looks like it should be driven by Schumacker!


    • #3
      I liked the box very much ktull but some mates had the Rive and after closer inspection decided I would get one myself
      Hence I no longer require this one and someones gonna get a pukka package!

      Oh and I won my Milo Carbonite in a competition in one of the Angling Mags so its no skin off my nose

      Baggin Machine


      • #4
        Iv had a few ppl ring up and ask me how much I want for this package so here it is.

        I am looking for offers between £250 and £300 1st person to come within that region will secure the package.



        • #5
          MILO CARBONITE SEAT BOX is this the same box if so have you got the wheel kit


          • #6
            very tempting, but worried how hard around here to get any spares for it, or any Milo products, but good value and i am tempted, where abouts are you based.


            • #7
              you still got the box mate if so call me on 07823538265 i am interested


              • #8
                I am based In South London and yes Gold hand that is the same box Im afraid it has No trolley kit as I sold it to be honest the Milo version is not the best Kc Angling make a much better version out of stronger materials.
                Alternativly I would reccomend a barrow plattform its much much easier.

                Baggin Machine


                • #9
                  If any of the above forum members are still intrested in buying this set up?? can you let me know one way or another plz.
                  It will otherwise be going onto Ebay at the end of the week.

                  Many thanks

                  Baggin Machine