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Classic Reels from a bygone age

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  • Classic Reels from a bygone age

    I have 5 reels which I can only describe as ancient however I also know that there are collectors out there prices start at £20 pictures are available on request.reels are
    1 Mitchel Garcia original match + spare spool container + spare spool and pouch
    2 Mitchel Garcia 320 no spare spool
    3 K.P.Morritts Intrepid Supreme
    4 SKP Pro Carbon Graphite Titanium 2290-035
    5 Small fly reel in box (no makers name)

    anyone interested please pm me here regards Stewart
    These reels are being disposed of for an elderly gentleman who had all these from new he also has an original Silstar 10m pole (what a lump) if anyone is interested.
    Message to site moderators have no clue how much to ask so prices start at £20 hoping someone will make a REALISTIC OFFER

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    I have now put up an album in my profile "Reels" so any one interestedf can see clear pictures regards Stewart


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      Got any ancient KEEPNETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        sorry steel I no longer match fish so see no point in owning either a modern or ancient keep net at all


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          i wouldnt be expecting 20 quid each for that lot -as it says on the antique road show 'condition is everything' and that lot are in pretty bad nick,my mate is a collector of fishing stuff and if there is a tiny mark he walks away.


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            Sent you a message hope it helps.


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              thanks to clive and two others for their possisivity and help of course dams negativity and semi drivel it would seem that subject to an agreement 3 of the reels are going to a museum workshop one has been sold to a dealer and the small fly fishing reel to a vintage collector so all in all a positive result for my neighbor does go to show that I was right in not trying to clean them up seems these guys like to do that themselves on the whole thanks guys if you were helpful to the other brain daid comments better luck next time


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                Same old story something for nothing