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Preston genus 9 pole

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  • Preston genus 9 pole

    Any one tell me what these poles are like, looking to purchase one and wondered what I should pay for one in excellent condition and if there are any known problems with them

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    good poles mate,, really well ballanced,, not too sure on pricing it though!!!
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      theres 2 for sale on mds £950 for both load of spares as well
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        £950 is alot i sold mine 2yr ago for 900 had a 91 and a 10 since then now have a 12 all great poles
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          One finished on E Bay 17/11 unsold at £600-£650.Might be worth a chat with the seller.

          PRESTON INNOVATIONS GENUS GIS 9 on eBay (end time 17-Nov-10 17:22:59 GMT)


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            I bought mine a year ago, Well used with 3 tops and cupping kit £350.
            My mate bought his about the same time 4 tops and cup kit in immaculate condition £700

            So a lot depends on condition and spares.

            In my opinion a top pole.