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price help with inherited tackle

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  • price help with inherited tackle

    hi guys new here.

    i've just inherited a load of fishing gear that i have no need for so i'm looking to sell it to those who will make good use of it , ive listed below a rough outline as to what there is and i was wondering if any knowledgable people on here would be able to advise me on the value of the stuff either individually or as job lot , please bear with me as i know nothing about fishing so i've listed makes and models as best i can , thanks in advance for any advice.

    daiwa j-13p x2
    daiwa j 16-p
    daiwa j13508
    olympic es-2
    sundridge dippa
    silstar tr2035
    shimano xt-7
    leeda obsession carp (brand new)

    7m delta pole
    13m maleve espada 130 (i believe this was around £800 when purchased)
    silstar cimaron green picker 240
    5m browning lambada 50
    8m daiwa carbon mate g241-80

    13' masterline maxim max 130
    12' leeda obsession carp
    12' browning club carp 360
    13' sundridge neutron graphite
    10' leeda dominator ledger
    11' ryo masterline target
    12' lathams legend graphite
    abu garcia equalizer
    olympic h-1303l
    10' sundridge miracle
    10' daiwa clubman ledger
    12' sundridge skorpio
    13' browning match win 39
    9' sundridge ledger
    9 1/2' sundridge ledger

    plus various tackle boxs , bait boxes , trollies , rod bags , nets 100's of various floats , hooks etc plus a couple of bite alarms , theres a few bits here and there that are brand new and unused as well.

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    Very difficult to give a price for these either individually or as a job lot, not much appears to be current, the pole you qoute as around £800 is very old anything up to 15 years old so no spares are likekly to be available.
    I would suggest that they would find their own level on Ebay, either as a complete lot or broke up into smaller packages.


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      Thanks for the quick response Brian , i did consider putting it all up as a job lot on ebay but not having a clue as to the value i didn't want to end up getting much less than the worth.


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        They are probably cost a lot more than you will get, and whilst there is a lot of gear having had a good look at the pictures, there is a fair amount of oldish stuff, the most valuable items are the rods and maybe the Maleve pole which are unknown condition wise, the pole could be worth £30 - £50 the rods would be £5 to £10 tops each the reels are not top quality and perhaps worth £30 - £50 as a lot put in the other stuff and it should fetch over £200 on Ebay which is the place where you will get the most for it.