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How to Avoid Scams

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  • How to Avoid Scams

    as a seller

    1. if you have taken payment by paypal, don't ever trust the email, always, always check your actual paypal account
    2. be very careful dealing with request to pay by Escrow, MoneyGram, UKash etc
    3. Don't fall into any cheque overpayment schemes where they offer to send a cheque for more value, in exchange you will take your bit and send the rest
    4. Ignore any emails claiming to be from talkangling and handling your payment for you

    as a buyer

    1. Don't send money using paypal GIFT or send as gift, YOU will not be covered under any circumstance
    2. Don't accept any payment gateways that get sent to you. Example: please go to my merchant: and pay on there with your card
    3. If at all possible, pay for goods with cash, right there on goods delivery
    4. Ignore any scam emails claiming to be from TalkAngling offering a secure way to pay, through the forum

    I have no doubt that there is a good crowd on here, but you should always be aware that a bad egg can get through.
    and caution is always advised with new members specifically joining to sell or raise money.

    I hope this helps, stay safe, stay smart
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    Good job mate,
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