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A short story about the 2019 weekender

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  • A short story about the 2019 weekender

    Myself and big si headed up on the Thursday lunchtime- in convoy with Martin- my co organiser of the weekender.
    we went straight to the Gainsborough hotel to drop our bags off and headed off to larford for a walkabout and to see which pegs Julian had put aside for us.
    We always run a separate knock up on the Friday- before the real battle commences on the Saturday and Sunday.
    stevey pickup from team north was having a cheeky practise on the chalet bank of the speci lake,so we went over,just in time to see him battling a real lump of a carp. He'd had it on for 40 minutes by the time he scooped it into his landing net- he grabbed the net by the spreader block and lifted at an awkward angle- the next thing we heard was a crrrrrrracckkkkk as the handle snapped and the fish made its successful bid for freedom. The 3 of us were in hysterics- giggling like girls (which we always do a lot at the weekender) Steve saw the funny side too- luckily I had a spare net head in the van,which I leant to dr Steve.
    we left Steve to it and headed to marks tackle in stourport on the way back- wow! What an all Aladdin's cave that place is! Full to the brim with everything you'd ever need on the bank.
    so back to the hotel for a few pints before we had dinner in the restaurant and a few pints after.

    friday was knock up day on the match lake at larford- myself and Martin decided not to fish it,so we could sort things for the next day and go and say hello to our mates we haven't seen since last year- also to wind them up obviously! Great to see so many familiar faces and have a chat and a laugh with blokes that we've become really good friends with through meeting at the first weekender 7 years ago. Friends for life.
    we had a couple of guests join us for this match- as they are both fishing in the big final at larford next weekend- Pete upperton and mick bull.
    both very good anglers and very nice blokes- they were very approachable and were happy to give advice on the venue etc.
    I sat behind both with Martin a couple of times and these guys make it look so easy- a pleasure to have them fish with us- and hopefully it helped them out aswell to fish in match conditions so close to their big match.
    For this match we only pay out top 2 on each bank,as it's essentially a practice match- 24 fished and it fished very hard for some- the weights got gradually better as we went along towards the island from the clubhouse.
    the grass bank water level was very low,with as little as 12-18 inches of water at 14 meters.
    The grass bank was won by Clive garlick a couple of pegs from the far end with 121lb 10 ozs with Pete upperton second on 103lb 2ozs
    the burr bank was won by Jordan Bryant from the end peg at the far end of the burr with a fantastic 197lb 8oz with graham second on 96lb 2ozs
    back to the hotel for a few pints before getting changed for dinner in the hotel restaurant again- followed by the obligatory drinks in the bar!

    Saturday arrived- myself and Martin skipped brekkie and headed straight to larford to mark out the pegs for the match,which was on speci lake,
    we have 10 sections of 3,so we have an angler from each region in each section against each other- Julian kindly gave us the whole lake on both days,so we had 15 anglers on each bank with a spare peg each side
    i drew peg j1 on the chalet bank (permanent peg 66) with snowy from the midlands team and Chris bobs from the north in my section.
    it fished very hard- I started pinging on my bomb line at around 25 metres hoping for some big carp- none showed up, so i fished a short pole line at 5m with banded pellets or meat and had 3 small skimmers,I kept pinging on that bomb line and saw a few swirls,so I picked up my pellet waggler rod,as soon as the float hit the surface it flew under and nearly ripped the rod out of my hands- 10 minutes later first carp of the day was on the net- next cast the same thing happened. Then it went dead again.
    i weighed in 21lb for third in section.
    The lake was won by my old mate Steve pickup with a 107lb 6oz for his first match ton (well done mate) followed by rob cooksey with 88lb 4oz
    these weights are very low for the speci lake,but the weather seems to be turning and making it fish hard.
    Scores on the doors after day one were
    midlands 18
    north 21
    south 21
    midlands we're slightly ahead with the lowest score but it was all to fish for.
    Back to the hotel for a pint and then onto rajah in bewdley for our now regular sat night curry- 12 of us all on our best behaviour!
    Then back to the hotel bar for a few more pints (rude not to!)

    sunday saw us back on the match lake for the final day
    one of our team was taken ill and couldn't fish,so team south redrew our pegs so that anglers weight would be counted in the section we had a man missing.
    guess what? My name was drawn! I had drawn peg A1 on the grass bank- permanent peg 2- in the shallow area that had struggled on the Friday knock up.
    At least I had spadger from team north and Angus from the midlands for company- and the sun was shining!
    After I scored so badly on the speci lake the day before I had a lot to make up as I was effectively fishing for 2 sections! No pressure!
    I started on a 13m meter line and had one small f1 to show after 30 mins,I had a quick look on the bomb line and nothing doing there.
    i decided to try the 7 meter line with meat on the deck- and it came alive- I caught steadily for most of the match- carp up to around 10lbs,
    angus and spadger were finding it hard- I had slightly deeper water in my peg which helped a lot.
    spadger and Angus both weighed in 18lb and I weighed in 56lb for the all important section win.
    i was over the moon- as the pressure was really on. It turns out that my weight came second in the other section I was fishing for ahead of mike from team north but behind the angling machine that is rob swain from the midlands.
    the midlands fished an awesome match especially on day 2 winning every section on the burr bank.
    rob cooksey won the match with from peg D3 with 121lb 1oz,second was snowy with 108lb 1oz
    the final team results were
    1st midlands 48
    2nd the mighty south 53
    3rd north 70

    individual top 4 were
    1st rob cooksey
    2nd snowy
    3rd rob swain
    4th Jason landucci (ducci)

    well done to all the above
    rob cooksey wins for a second year in a row- well done rob.
    it was another really good weekender- one of if not the best so far in terms of the craic and the great company
    thanks to everyone that keeps on supporting and attending the weekender- you make it the great success it is.
    thanks again to Roy (abramis brahma) for supplying the top prize of a week at white acres in his caravan again- this will be the last year this prize is available due to costs,availability etc. It costs Roy a lot personally for this prize and we're really grateful to have had it up until now- you're a true gent Roy.
    thanks to my mate Martin for co organising it with me- I reckon we did ok mate.
    Now it's over to team north to run next years event at hayfield and lindholme
    ill be looking into hotels over the coming days- but the organising and pegging etc will be done by the local lads from now on
    thanks again everyone
    see ya next year
    feel free to add some pictures of the weekender below- I'll put some on later
    Last edited by paul k; 10th September 2019, 08:32 PM.
    Team south- 2014 talk angling inter regional team champs
    Alwight tweacle?

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    Team south- 2014 talk angling inter regional team champs
    Alwight tweacle?


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      Top job Sunshine ,‘‘twas a very good if not the best one so far,look forward to a trundle up the A1 next to be said the Midlands were outstanding,not only every section on the Burr bank but a shout out to Big Col on the grass bank,won my section by keeping it simple,fair play me old mate..


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        Absolutely belting weekend, really enjoyed it. Great write up Paul, and well done on a cracking performance on the Sunday from a difficult peg.


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          Great write up Paul - job for life now . However 48 points? are you trying to make it a closer match than it was.?


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            Good write up mate,


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              I forgot to say- thanks to the lads that helped with the weigh-ins. Good lads
              Team south- 2014 talk angling inter regional team champs
              Alwight tweacle?


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                I have to ask because it’s doing my head in. Should the total team points for two days be 120 not 171? The first day total was 60, just trying to work how big our spanking was?


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                  Tony,Day 1
                  midlands 18
                  south. 21
                  north. 21

                  day 2
                  midlands 14
                  south. 20
                  north. 26

                  midlands 32
                  south. 41
                  north. 47



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                    Wow that was some second day performance from the Midlands team, best possible score of 10 and managed 14 that has to be the best team single day performance ever.


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                      Wow! Where did the totals I wrote down come from then?
                      i must have wrote the wrong numbers down. Dohhh!!
                      Team south- 2014 talk angling inter regional team champs
                      Alwight tweacle?


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                        If you think them scores are Good ,wait till next year ! !
                        Martin thank you for your kind word's it means a lot
                        You will never see me trying to make anything Difficult
                        Always keep it as Simple as I can
                        Thanks to all that makes these matches happen ,you always do a great Job
                        Thanks to all that support these weekends Friends for life
                        already looking forward to next year
                        Steve Pickup well done on your 1st of many 100 plus weights .my Hero !,


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