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BW Stillwater Championship 07

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  • BW Stillwater Championship 07

    Only got back from Hols today.
    Received a letter from BW about these matches they are organising.

    Sounds well interesting to me (1st £5000), especially when you read into it.

    Basically its 5 qualifying matches on some good waters (I've fished them all, and had some big old weights).
    80 peg matches with 8 section winners from each round going through to a 40 peg final at Blythe waters.
    That means you are only fishing against 9 other anglers to get a chance of winning £5000. Each section winner will pick up £130 (Where can you fish a 10 peg match for £130? - sounds easy money to me).

    I can see some peoples point that it's £40 to enter, but £20 goes straight into the pot for the final and the other £20 for the payout on the day. BW are only taking out the peg monies, they are not making anything out of this (not like that Mavers pairs do - don't get me started there - invites for pro's as well).

    My monies in the post, might see some of you there?

    Oh yea, I've heard Keith Fishers left BW and a new guy has taken over? Any one else heard this?

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    Lego you are correct Keith Fisher has taken early retirement and has been replaced by Carl Nicholls


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      The question is whos Carl Nicholls is he also known as Lego?


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        £40 which ever way you say it/split it/or divide it is stall a lot of dough.....
        In darkness we do what we can
        In daylight we're oblivion


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          Who really knows?