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  • open match

    is there any body living around the berkshire area interested in fishing a few little 15 peg opens?
    The venue is Finch farm Fisheries just on the outskirts of maidenhead/windsor. I had a chat with the owner today, and he is ok with it. I had a walk around the venue and there were a lot of carp moving around, and by the info i got from some of the people who were fishing there are some proper lumps in there.
    If any body is interested then you can have a look at it on there website, i have no idea of any dates yet, but would be able to put it together as soon as i can get the numbers
    please pm me if you fancy it
    ps i havn,t fished the venue so i dont know how it fishes in match conditions,but it really looks like it could be worth a go.

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    My name is Terry Swan, i am the match secretary for ealing fishing club, we have around 20 members.
    we founded in 1987.
    We have fished finch farm a few times, the pegs are very close together and its very hard in a match.
    As soon as the nets go in all the fish concrigate round the back of the island, if you go there pleasure fishing its a great place.
    You need to be drawn on the back island, you will get a few fish there, and the occasional lump s do show up and they are all good doubles.
    Can you let me know what days you want to run these matches, i might be able to round up a few people, we are only half hour away.
    I look forward to your reply.


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      finch farm

      hi terry, thanks for your reply mate. At the present time i have not set any dates, to be totally honest with you i saw the place for the first time last week, and i was able to have a chin wag with the owner while i was there, and he was agreeable with me running a few matches. T he reason i set the figure at 15 was for the reason that you mentioned the tight pegging, I believe you could probably get a few more on, but then it might make it a nightmare for some. I will pm you my tel number and if you get the time gives a bell and we can sort out a date that will be siutable for you and your guys, at the present time i have about 7 who have said they will fish it, but we can sort that bit out over the next week or so


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        finch farm

        thread cancelled due to the fact that i could not generate enough interest for the venue, apparently it fishes dire when there are a few bodies around the lake, a new venue has been secured and a new thread will be posted