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Mawgan Porth Festival

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  • Mawgan Porth Festival

    Due to being unsuccesful trying to Organise a small festival at Stafford Moor some one suggested i try Mawgan Porth, i think we will need approximately 20 anglers and it will be in April next year, THIS IS ONLY OPEN TO ANGLERS FROM THE MIDLANDS AREA UPWARDS, sorry Simon P but already had moans about not competeing with the locals.

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    I live 1hr away and have only fished it 3 times all year!!!!

    Does this mean i can fish it????

    If i can help in anyway with the organisation please let me know.


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      Got baits festival

      how did the Got Baits festival fish Simon ?? ok instead of midlands upwards you need to live an hour and ten minutes away !!!
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        GOT Baits Festival was cancelled!!! .

        Had 7 anglers on the list 2 of which paid.
        Just too much on for the angler down this way at the moment, too many 10 peg matches here and there!!!

        I have not fished Mawgan Porth at all this summer, as previously stated i have only fished it 3 times since xmas!!!

        I can take a longer drive down if needed, I think the other way is around 1hr 11mins!!!!


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          Bob what about a day or two at Trewaters? or if your really brave a day on Porth res?


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            now theres a challenge


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              porth resa is jay havin a laff i doe need to drive 250miles to catch 10-12lb of silvers [and use get thru 2 senses buckets of groundbait ] ......which anit cheap to fill .LOL


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                porth resevoir


                tree waters might be an option Jay but as for porth, i can go and sit on Esgbaston and get blown off my box any way shouldnt concern you ya a COCKNEY and it quite clearly states from the midlands upwards !!!
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                  thats a good idea bob lets have one on Edgebaston l aint been for years
                  could go for knees up after



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                    cockney now stuck in the Black country i gotta qualify!!


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                      bob if you have it easter me and some lads will be defo instrested