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Marsh Farm 29th August 2009

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  • Marsh Farm 29th August 2009

    I've got just 12 spaces left on this 60 peg qualifing match at Marsh Farm on Saturday 29th August 2009.

    The payouts on the day are 1st £200, 2nd £125, 3rd £80 plus 6 sections of £30 each

    Here's a list of who has entered already:

    Andy Crane
    Andy Creech
    Antonio Pointer
    Antony Parnell
    Antony Plumbridge
    Barry Oliver
    Billy McKinley
    Bob Jillions
    Bob Malvasi
    Chris Poile
    Clive Stenning
    Colin Bartlett
    Dave Baptist
    Geoff Valence
    Graham Dack
    Graham Marshall
    Ian Covey
    Ian Manning
    Ian Mclaren
    Jeff Davis
    Jeff Rooney
    Jim McDowall
    John Bell
    Jonathan Watt
    Keith Jefferies
    Kevin Parker
    Marius Martineac
    Mark Harrington
    Mark Holland
    Mark Parrett
    Mark Tullett
    Martin Twine
    Matt Tomes
    Mike Bell
    Nick Collier
    Pat Cooper
    Pemb Wrighting
    Perry Gray
    Richard Howsen
    Russ Berryman
    Simon Kiefer
    Stephen Sharp
    Steve Clark
    Steve Moore
    Terry Robinson
    Tim Hutchinson
    Tony Bell
    Tony Methven

    The top two go through to the Final at Lake John to fish for £3000, £500 & £250 on Sunday 25th October 2009.

    The cost to enter is £25.

    Please visit out website Welcome To Fish To Win to enter or give me a call on 020 8599 2285 or 07724 841722

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    Just 8 spaces left on Marsh Farm


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      Just 7 spaces left now


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        There are just 6 spaces left


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          Just 6 days now until Fish to Win kicks off at Marsh Farm and there are just 4 spaces left...

          If you want one of the remaining spaces let me know on either 07724 841722 or 020 8599 2285 or enter via the website Welcome To Fish To Win



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            There is Just one space left at Marsh Farm next saturday 29th August 2009


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              The Marsh Farm Qualifier is now fully's the sixty who are fishing for the first two places in the "Fish to Win" final....and I would like to wish everyone the best of luck this Saturday.

              1 Alec Roberts
              2 Andy Crane
              3 Andy Creech
              4 Antony Parnell
              5 Antony Plumbridge
              6 Barry Oliver
              7 Ben Spittle
              8 Billy Mckinley
              9 Bob Jillions
              10 Bob Malvasi
              11 Chris Poile
              12 Dave Freeman
              13 Dick Forty
              14 Gareth Phillips
              15 Geoff Valence
              16 Giovanni
              17 Graham Dack
              18 Graham Marshall
              19 Ian Covey
              20 Ian Manning
              21 Ian Mclaren
              22 James Maddox
              23 Jason Collins
              24 Jeff Davis
              25 Jeff Rooney
              26 Jim McDowall
              27 John Bell
              28 John Taylor
              29 Keith Jefferies
              30 Kev Scott
              31 Kevin Parker
              32 Marius Martineac
              33 Mark Cane
              34 Mark Eves
              35 Mark Harrington
              36 Mark Parrett
              37 Mark Tullett
              38 Martin Twine
              39 Matt Basset
              40 Matt Tomes
              41 Mike Bell
              42 Nick Collier
              43 Nick Early
              44 Pat Cooper
              45 Paul Williamson
              46 Pemb Wrighting
              47 Perry Gray
              48 Pete Franklin
              49 Phil Worrell
              50 Richard Howson
              51 Roger Howe
              52 Russ Berryman
              53 Simon Kiefer
              54 Stephen Sharp
              55 Steve Clark
              56 Terry Maddox
              57 Terry Robinson
              58 Tim Hutchinson
              59 Tony Bell
              60 Tony Methven

              We still have a few spaces available at the following qualifiers:

              Newland Hall on Wednesday 16th September (Angling Times Attending)
              Stub Pond on Saturday 19th September
              Tylers Common on Saturday 26th September
              Wylands on Saturday 3rd October
              Tylers Common on Wednesday 7th October (Angling Times Attending)
              Framfield on Saturday 10th October

              If you would like to enter please visit the website Welcome To Fish To Win or give me a call on either 020 8599 2285 or 07724 841722


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                There is 1 space available for Marsh Farm this Saturday, please call me on 07724 841722 or 020 8599 2285 if you want to enter



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                  Let me know if you want the last Marsh Farm space for tomorrow's first qualifier call me on either 07724 841722 or 020 8599 2285


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                    Well done to Antony Parnell & Kev Parker on getting through to the final.

                    Here's the match results

                    1 Anthony Parnell 27lb 10oz (Qualified)
                    2 Kevin Parker 19lb 1oz (Qualified)
                    3 Geoff Valence 17lb 1oz
                    4 Russ Berryamn 15lb 6oz
                    5 Perry Gray 12lb
                    6 Gareth Phillips 11lb 1oz Junior
                    6 Alec Roberts 11lb 1oz
                    8 Mark Tullet 11lb
                    9 Graham Dack 10lb 4oz
                    10 Mark Harrington 9lb 9oz
                    11 Tim Hutchinson 8lb 7oz
                    12 Matt Bassett 7lb 2oz
                    13 Billy McKinley 6lb 13oz
                    14 Barry Oliver 6lb 10oz
                    15 Pat Cooper 6lb 9oz
                    16 Nick Early 6lb 7oz
                    17 Mark Eves 6lb 1oz
                    18 Jason Collins 5lb 5oz
                    19 Marius Martineac 5lb 2oz
                    20 Ian Covey 5lb 1oz
                    21 Mike Bell 4lb 9oz
                    22 Terry Robertson 4lb 7oz
                    23 Phil Worrell 4lb 2oz
                    24 Jeff Davis 3lb 12oz
                    25 Pemb Weighting 3lb 10oz
                    26 Dick Forty 3lb 7oz
                    26 Mark Cane 3lb 7oz
                    28 Terry Maddox 3lb 6oz
                    28 Steve Sharp 3lb 6oz
                    30 Tony Methven 3lb 4oz
                    31 Steve Clark 3lb 2oz
                    Bob Malvasi DNW
                    John Taylor DNW
                    Chris Poile DNW
                    Bob Julians DNW
                    Andy Creech DNW
                    Dave Freeman DNW
                    Martin Twine DNW
                    Keith Jefferies DNW
                    Jim Mcdowell DNW
                    Mark Parrett DNW
                    Roger Howe DNW
                    John Bell DNW
                    Pete Franklin DNW
                    Graham Marshall DNW
                    Tony Bell DNW Junior
                    Andy Crane DNW
                    Jeff Rooney DNW
                    Brian Stevens DNW
                    Anthony Plumbridge DNW
                    Ian Maclaren DNW
                    Ian Manning DNW
                    Ben Spittle DNW