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Bargate Drain, Windsor bank Opens

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  • Bargate Drain, Windsor bank Opens

    Alrite fellas.

    Just to let you all know that the first of a series of opens to be held on the Bargate drain start this saturday,

    Draw at approx 1pm and fish 1-30 til 5-30

    Recent matches have shown a few large skimmers and bream in the area, and 5 hr match catches of 13-15lb of silvers..

    Monies to be confirmed,
    Effort = Reward.

  • #2
    Fees are..

    £2 peg fee and £5 in the pools..

    To make it easy on all pockets..
    Effort = Reward.


    • #3
      Wheres the draw at ian?


      • #4

        The draw will be at Windsor Crescent green.

        Cheers matey

        Effort = Reward.


        • #5
          1st match had only 7 anglers turn up...

          but results werent to bad..

          Mark Cook 1st with 10-14
          Janus 2nd with 9-10
          Brian C'son 3rd with 7-1

          Every caught well, even i had nearly 6lb..!!

          Next one in a fortnight..
          Effort = Reward.


          • #6
            Up and running again this Saturday..

            Times as of above if anyone interested..???
            Effort = Reward.


            • #7
              Yesterday match had a turn out of only 9..

              1st was Steve Winters with 16lb+
              2nd was Mark Griggs. With 12lb +
              3 was Ben with 11lb +

              More weights below of 7s and 8lbs..
              Effort = Reward.


              • #8
                turn out of 9 good anglers again..

                1st Steve Winters.... 16lb 4oz

                2nd Don Green... 10lb 13

                3rd Mark Griggs... 9lb 2

                4th Ben Brighton.. 8lb 10

                5th Mark Cook... 7lb 4oz

                back up weights all 5lb plus anyone wanting a nice days silvers sport, then this is the place..

                All caught on either hemp or squatt and pinkie..
                Effort = Reward.


                • #9
                  Same again this saturday lads..
                  Effort = Reward.


                  • #10
                    Sorry to go of topic but did you fish at westwood fishery today if so its a small world, i was there and some of the lads were talking about fishing on the drain.
                    Steve Davies


                    • #11
                      Despite all the ridiculous winds still some good weights from the 8 lads that braved it..

                      1st Don Green 12-03
                      2nd Mark Griggs 11-10
                      3rd Sean Higginbottom 11-00
                      4th Janus 8-15
                      5th Steve Lamaman 7-03
                      Effort = Reward.


                      • #12
                        This saturdays match will be held on the Horncastle Road section..

                        Draw 12-45 Norprint Gates...

                        Fish 1-30 til 5-30.
                        Effort = Reward.


                        • #13
                          what the horncastle road section been fishing recently


                          • #14
                            plenty of roach and rudd coming out to a few young anglers on the waggler across..

                            So stick a pole in a decent anglers arms and heres hoping.. lol

                            Not many fished it to be fare to you though, as the WIndsor bank area has fished so well.

                            Effort = Reward.


                            • #15
                              A Big well done to Ali today!

                              Sat on some bream and kept em coming..

                              1st Alastiar Ogilvy, 49-08.. YES FORTY NINE POUND 8...
                              2nd Sean Higginbottom, 7lb 7
                              3rd Mark Griggs 5lb 15
                              4th Don Green 5lb 2
                              5th Andy Dixon 4lb 6
                              6th Mark Cook 4lb 5..

                              Same again next week...

                              Horncastle Rd, Norprint gates...

                              Fishing pegs 74 onwards to 90 ish dependant on how many arrive..
                              Effort = Reward.