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Dog Lane Winter Leagues

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  • Dog Lane Winter Leagues

    I will be running two leagues on Dog Lane Bottom pool this winter, Pairs and Individual. Pairs start Oct25th and Individual starts 8th Nov. The Bottom pool will be getting a boost of skimmers and other silvers first week of October, so expect the sport to be better than last year. Already got over 20 names get dialling. Details of Pairs below.

    Silver Fish Pairs
    6 Match Series
    Dog Lane Winter League
    Bottom Pool

    From 25th October 2009
    (then every 28 days and always a Sunday)
    Until 14th March 2010

    £350** Top Pair in Series
    £250** 2nd Pair in Series
    £130** 3rd Pair in Series
    £70*** Best series individual weight

    Each match will run from 10:30am to 3:30pm.
    40 pegs are booked.
    Draw will be at 9am The Bridge Inn Napton, Payout at Pub after matches.
    Entry for the series will be £20 and £30 peg fees per angler.
    Pools on each match day will be £12.

    Payouts at each match will be based on section points.

    1st Overall Pair £150*
    2nd Overall Pair £100*
    3rd Overall Pair £70*
    1st & 2nd in two sections. £50* & £30*
    * based on 40 anglers at each match

    Entry monies MUST be paid in advance to reserve a place.
    Entry & peg fees are non refundable.

    No Bloodworm & Joker.
    Bank walking except for call of nature will be viewed as your match abandoned.

    Send Entry Monies £50 per angler to:

    Pete Palmer
    15 Dog Lane
    CV47 8LT
    Tel: Mobile 07749 225880

    ** based on 40 anglers
    *** To receive Top Individual Single Match weight of £70 payout angler must have fished a minimum of 4 matches including last match.
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    Nearly 30 names down....
    :p :) :p


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      Results of Dog Lane Willow Lake Silvers Knockup 11th Oct

      1st Rich Wills Peg11 11lb 12½oz
      2nd Pete Palmer Peg2 11lb 7oz
      3rd Roger Adkins Peg5 11lb 2oz
      4th Clive Griffin Peg12 10lb 13oz
      5th Graham Brownlie Peg3 10lb
      6th Barry Carr Peg4 9lb 15oz
      7th Simon Potter Peg7 6lb 1oz
      8th Josh Palmer peg10 4lb 5oz
      9th Bob Palmer Peg9 3lb 7½oz

      Rich Wills netfull was mostly roach to 4oz caught up in the water.
      Pete Palmer caught mostly roach of 4oz helped by one of a pound and a Perch of 1lb.
      Roger Adkins caught skimmers and roach.
      Clive Griffin had mostly skimmers of about 2 to 4oz on the deck.
      Graham the darkhorse Brownlie caught roach to 6oz up in the water.
      Barry Crucian Carr tried to sneak in some goldfish....his eyesights going!
      Simon Potter, Josh and Bob were carpcity. Bob caught biggest fish of the day 2lb 5½oz Perch.

      Bodes well for the first Pairs Match on the 25th October. There are still places available, so if you are interested you need to contact me asap with your entry money. Just turning up on the day may lead to disappointment.

      Dates and times for the Pairs and Individual Matches are as follows:

      Silver Fish Pairs
      25th October
      22nd November
      20th December
      17th January 2010
      14th February 2010
      14th March 2010

      Silver Fish Individual
      8th November
      6th December
      3rd January 2010
      31st January 2010
      28th February 2010
      28th March 2010

      All Matches Draw at 9am at Bridge Inn Napton. Series entry is £20 per series. £30 peg fee per series. £12 pools on Match day.
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        lloks like a nice close match what baits are you using
        I want an end peg


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          Pinkie over groundbait.
          Caster shallow.
          Choppie gets the bonus perch going can get carped out.
          4mm pellet for the bigger skimmers but again you have to be wary of carp coming in.

          Some fishmeal or micropellets in roach groundbait seems to be a catchall. Take the fishmeal and pellets out and it's more selective towards roach and perch.

          Virtually every peg on the lake has a bonus Billy and some have a nest of them going 3lb+. Expect to get at least a few show this year over 3lb. a 4lber might even put in an appearence as they have done for pleasure anglers.
          :p :) :p


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            Dog Lane Individual Opens
            Willow Lake

            This will be series of 6 open matches, dates as above but not a league as originally planned.

            Start 8th November

            £15 all in £5 peg £10 pools
            OPTIONAL £2 Best Perch caught on day.
            OPTIONAL £3 Best Combined weight of 3 matches from 6.

            Draw details at the Bridge Inn Napton 9am, Pub opens 8am fish 10:30am to 3:30pm.

            Tel. 07749 225 880 to book on, just turning up may lead to your disappointment.
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              20 confirmed for Sunday
              :p :) :p


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                Silver fish only Individual Open

                Dog Lane

                1st Carl Baker(Stourbridge) peg39 11lb 4oz
                2nd Rich Wills (Rugby) peg 34 8lb 15½oz
                3rd Keith Taylor (Coventry) peg9 8lb 2oz

                Best Perch Carl Baker 2lb 7oz

                1a Pete Palmer (Dog Lane) peg 15 7lb 9oz
                2a Justin Ashby (Banbury) peg 5 7lb 6oz

                1b Simon Potter (Rugby) Peg 35 4lb 7½oz
                2b Jake King (Daventry) peg 31 4lb 4oz

                25 fished.

                Carl Baker made the 50min trip from Sourbridge to Dog Lane on Sunday for his first ever time at the venue and went home a happy man. His 11lb 4oz net of roach and quality perch put him 2lb clear of the field for first place. Included in his catch was one notable specimen Perch of 2lb 7oz which earnt him the extra £32 Best Perch pot to go with his £70 first prize. Not a bad day out!

                Second place went to Rugby's Rich Wills who drew peg 34 facing the island with a weight of 8lb 15½oz. Rich's net was also boosted by a brace of perch one just past 2lb.

                Whilst on peg 9 was Keith(topkits)Taylor, who despite losing count of his topkits was able to put that behind him and put 8lb 2oz to the scales for third place.

                Sections on both banks were only ounces apart catches being mostly obliging skimmers and small roach.

                The conditions on the day started off with rain pushed along by a cold easterly wind, the water was fining down and the late afternoon sun was a welcome and warming sight which for some perked up their swims for others it was just a case of getting the chill off.

                Next Individual is 6th Dec. Contact Pete Palmer 07749225880
                Draw 9am Bridge Inn Napton.
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                  27 Booked in for this Sunday's Pairs 22nd November. Forcast to be wet, water will be coloured and in some areas pushing from inlet pipe to outlet. Hopefully, the skimmers will go for that.
                  :p :) :p


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                    Silverfish Pairs Results November 22nd
                    Dog Lane Fishery
                    CV47 8LT

                    1st Overall Pair:
                    Dave Pritchard (Coventry) Peg17 7lb 6oz (Roach) 3pts
                    Matt Clamp (Coventry) Peg37 7lb 2oz (Perch & Roach) 1pt

                    2nd Overall Pair:
                    Rich Wills (Rugby) Peg8 10lb10oz (Roach & Perch) 1pt
                    Simon Potter (Rugby) Peg28 4lb 0oz (Roach & Skimmers) 6pts

                    3rd Overall Pair:
                    Rob Bassett (Banbury) Peg1 5lb 6½oz (Roach & Perch) 6pts
                    Charlie Somerton (Banbury) Peg21 5lb 8oz (Roach/Skimmers) 2pts

                    Individual Sections:

                    A section:
                    1st Rich Wills (Rugby) Peg8 10lb10oz (Roach & Perch)
                    2nd Carl Baker (Stourbridge) Peg5 7lb 13½oz (Roach & Perch) 2pts

                    B Section:
                    1st Matt Clamp (Coventry) Peg37 7lb 2oz (Perch & Roach)
                    2nd Charlie Somerton(Banbury) Peg21 5lb 8oz (Roach/Skimmers)

                    After several days of strong winds and heavy rain the outlook for a good catch was poor, and only a few anglers were looking forward to getting to their pegs. The morning started off quietly but as soon as the whistle blew so did the wind and it rarely subsided for the rest of the day.The conditions though, didn't deter the 27 anglers that turned out and braved the weather.

                    The Top pair of the day with 4pts was Matt Clamp and Dave Pritchard from Coventry, Matt chose to fish the choppie at peg 37 and found three good perch and some roach for a section win with 7lb 2oz. Dave on the other hand had a net of roach and skimmers from peg17 for 3points and 7lb 6oz, despite being confused by the difference between goldfish and orfe.

                    Rich Wills from Rugby had drawn the wind to his back on peg 8 and had a busy day catching roach and skimmers together with a couple of bonus perch to put the best individual weight on the scales of 10lb 10oz; but this was a pairs match and his partner Simon Potter had drawn the less favoured end of the lake at peg 28 and finished with 6points and 4lb. This took them to second place.

                    Third placed pair Rob Bassett and Charlie Somerton from Banbury found themselves at pegs 1 and 21 for the day. Rob 'struggled' to catch 5lb 6½oz of roach and perch but Charlie tipped him by three blades for 5lb 8oz and 2pts.

                    Carl Baker from Stourbridge was the second best individual weight with 7lb 13½oz from peg 5.

                    The next Pairs match is on Sunday 20th December.

                    The second Individual Open Match will be held on Sunday 6th December, for details contact Pete Palmer on Tel. 07749 225 880. Draw at 9am Bridge Inn Napton.
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                      Hi Pete

                      I got your message and yes I am fishing Sunday 06/12/09, and I will have a breakfast see you Sunday
                      All The Best


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                        Dog Lane Results 6th December
                        Second Silver Fish Only Individual Open

                        Dog Lane

                        1st Carl Baker (Stourbridge) peg31 12lb 4oz
                        2nd Martin Paynter (MP Floats) peg5 9lb 12oz
                        3rd Rich Wills (Daventry AC) peg 40 9lb 8½oz

                        Best Perch Bob Taylor (Warwick Jet Breakers) Peg 36 2lb 11¾oz

                        1a Pete Palmer (Dog Lane) peg 16 7lb 7oz

                        1b Steve Hatt (Banbury Gunsmiths) Peg 35 9lb 7oz

                        19 fished.

                        Carl Baker made his third trip from Stourbridge to Dog Lane on Sunday for his second win at the venue and went home a happy man again. His 12lb 4oz net of caster caught quality roach and perch put him almost 3lb clear of the field for first place.

                        Second place went to Martin Paynter who drew peg 5 with a weight of 9lb 12oz of skimmers and perch caught on the choppie. Hopefully this has killed the demon that Martin was thinking lived at this peg.

                        Whilst on peg 40 was Rich Wills, who despite not fancying his chances at this corner peg was able to put that behind him and placed 9lb 8½oz on the scales for third place. Rich's netful was made up of Roach and two perch caught on pinkie.

                        Steve Hatt's Section win at peg 30 was only one roach away from the winning frame. His net was made up of three 2lb plus perch and small skimmers and roach.

                        The other Section Win was 7lb 7oz from peg 16 where Pete Palmer cursed the day he chose to scale down hooks and then lose a 2lb plus bream, but hey ho that's fishing.

                        Best Perch of the day (2lb 11¾oz) fell to Bob Taylor of Jet Breakers who caught the fine specimen pictured from Peg 36.

                        The conditions on the day started off with rain but finished dry and bright.

                        Next Individual is 3rd Jan 2010. Contact Pete Palmer 07749225880
                        Draw 9am Bridge Inn Napton.
                        Last edited by PeteP; 7 December 2009, 08:05 AM.
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                          The December 20th match was a tough one, not just because we had to break the ice but because we had to first get out the Pub Car Park!!

                          The day was very cold with temperatures rarely above 1degC even when the sun came out. The ice had frozen to almost 2 inches in places which showed the designs of some ice breakers required a re-think. Two are now permanent features on the bottom of pegs 28 and peg 10.

                          Rob Basset had the best individual weight of 5lb 8oz from peg 31 consisting of Roach caught on double pinkie together with a Perch of 1lb+.

                          On the opposite bank at peg 16 and in the shade was Rich Wills who managed to winkle out 1lb 10½oz of small skimmers and roach, despite having left his cupping kit on the ice and then retrieving it only to snap it on the bank-side bush. Rich is now rumoured to be writing Santa a last minute letter and anybody who would like to send him a Teddy for the one he lost on the bank just drop me a line!!

                          After 4hrs and 5 blanks the final results were:

                          Top Pairs:
                          1st Martin Paynter & Pete Palmer 6pts
                          2nd Tony Hobbs & Steve Fothergill 7pts
                          3rd Rob Basssett & Charlie Somerton 8pts (by weight)
                          4th Jake King & Graham Cheney 8pts

                          Section A
                          1st Rob Bassett peg 31 5lb 8oz
                          2nd Justin Ashby peg34 2lb 13oz

                          Section B
                          1st Rich Wills peg 16 1lb 10½oz
                          2nd Martin Paynter peg 10 1lb ½oz

                          Next Pairs Match is the 17th January.

                          PDF Results
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