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Rivers, Canals or Lakes/Reservoirs for Pike?

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  • Rivers, Canals or Lakes/Reservoirs for Pike?

    Whether by matter of personal opinion or fact, which would you say is best for the bigger pike and which for the most pike? Just curious as ive only started at the end of this summer just gone and have only tried canals but wanted to broaden my horizon having only caught a few jacks so far.

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    Sad to say but you"re living in a bit of a pike wilderness, canals and the river Avon will produce pike but the average size will be low,most of the local waters that once produced a lot of pike with a reasonable chance of a big fish are not as viable nowadays but they do thrive on neglect,so the likes of Edgebaston Reservoir or Swan pool could still throw up a surprise Sutton park could also be worth a visit but Ive heard very little info so its just a hunch.
    One venue worth a try is the canal run by one of our members TK tickets are cheap and its turned up a few decent fish in the past,I keep threatening to join but never seem to get round to it.
    One biggish venue that should still produce a good number of fish to 20 is Olton Mere but its costly for membership £150.00 pa and that was 4 years back when I was on there.there"s always Pattsull (but its a glimmer of its former self) or Pool hall has produced a few in the last few seasons.
    I will post a few pics from Olton but as I say its only yearly tickets and not cheap.
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