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Canal Zed

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  • Canal Zed

    Ok I know its not a pike but I did manage one on the same trip,and I also know not everyone likes the Zander in our waters(feel free to express an opinion sensibly),just thought it might liven the place up a bit,this was from a canal recently.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.

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    Nice fish. A species I have never fished for.


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      Nice looking Fish Peter
      I have only ever caught 2 in my life ,both when fishing a match
      the 1st weighed 2..4 lbs 7 the 2nd was a monster Of 14 …….oz yes 14oz
      must have been 1 of the smallest in the Severn lol .
      Way back in time 86 to 92 i was Superintendent Bailiff for W.D.U.A.A .& Was actually paid by Severn Trent to retain all Zander caught in matches & every other Zeds that were caught on our waters .bag & label them with weight length details of where they were caught & put them in bags in the huge Chest Freezer they supplied .
      They would come every month too collect them .As they were an Alien Species & it was illegal to Return them .
      I don't think that Rule has ever been revoked .However you would know better than me these days .
      I loved those years I was paid £20 pw for collecting them & Severn / Trent paid all my Electric Bills for 7yrs
      Zander didn't actually wreak the Havoc that was expected & I can understand why people fish for them.
      I witnessed a 13.10 fish @ Upton a few years ago
      A beautiful Creature in pristine condition ,
      I even considered buying some gear & having a go myself. but it never happened
      Glad to hear you are still out there enjoying it


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        Like most things in nature Col,if left to it they sort themselves out,its just another predator but far less of a problem than the black death,but hey ho,fishing for them is simplicity itself Col just a few bits of the right gear and youre away,no need for specialist gear at all,As I say ,not everyones cup of tea but that's fair enough, A big perch is an awesome fish and so is a big Z.I fish for most species over the course of a year and its better than being stuck with one species or fishing style,never get time to lose your mojo. Tight lines ALL and have a good un.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.