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Canal Pike

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  • Canal Pike

    Currently fishing on my local canal (Birmingham-Fazeley Curdworth section) and havent managed to catch a single pike, i am new to this kind of fishing. I am using my carp rod 2.75lbtc with a shimano baitrunner, i have some mackerel for deadbaiting, a spoon and a couple of larger lures. I have been moving around a lot and fishing the usually target areas but still nothing. The few questions i have are:
    When lure fishing, how fast should i be bringing the lure in and at roughly what depth?
    What lures are successful (whether it be renowned or from personal experience)
    Should i be casting to the far bank of the canal and reeling straight across the canal towards me or going diagonally to the far bank then towards me or straight down the bank at my feet?
    I am fishing after work for the last 2-3 hours of daylight (5:30pm-8ish) is this a good time ?
    What am i doing wrong?

    I don’t know anybody personally who pike fishes so its hard to get first hand experience, any advice and help would be much appreciated

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    Hi mate, I can’t help you myself but try messaging hurricane on here - what he doesn’t know about pike fishing probably ain’t worth knowing. Good luck!


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      I was going to say the same
      RM98 cant PM anyone until he has made 5 posts & been a member for 7 days
      Welcome to T/A mate some great helpful fellas on here
      Sure you will get the help you need


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        First thing you need to do is find another water.I have never fished that stretch but it has been extensively electro fished by BW (or whatever name they go by now) and many of the pike and zander removed(there was a thread about on here a while back.

        Pike fishing in the midlands is hard and decent waters are few and far between,the rivers Severn and Avon would be a better bet,but canals do still produce a few good pike and zander ,you could try nearer to Tamworth/Fazely,I have had limited success at the stretch near Kingsbury water park and the odd fish from the park itself over the years,but its not easy.

        As for lures,I don't fish them a great deal myself but its a matter of finding the fish and presenting the bait to them in the way they want,not meaning to sound patronising but its simply fact,you need to vary your retrieve until you find what works on the day,keeping mobile is a good tactic when you can,many lure anglers search each swim by casting in a "fan" shape through 180 degrees and do this maybe three times varying the the rate of retrieve and depth,this could involve around 36 casts in total before moving onto a new piece of water,this tactic can be employed on lakes and rivers as well.The rod and reel you have is not perfect for pike fishing but will suffice.

        As for deadbaiting,dont use the baitrunner facility,you need a Drop off indicator or a float for indication purposes but the pike needs to take the bait with the minimun of resistance until you set the hooks.

        As for baits try to take a selection,mackel half a small one,herrings again small or halved,sardines try to get the fresh and freeze them,they will stay on the hook better till they thaw out but then become difficult to cast, never forget coarse baits including lamprey and smelt,all these and more can be bought from tackle shops or online.

        A fresh dead coarse fish or a live one if allowed is often my first choice but as with ALL angling its what works on the day.

        The time of day you are fishing is in theory ideal, I say in theory as most of my piking starts at first light and ends when it gets dark and I have never found dusk to be particularily productive(yet the last couple of hours always fill me with confidence,even more so for zander and catfish)

        If you"re mobile it could be worth contacting TK on here and getting a ticket for his canal stretch in Walsall as its produced some nice pike in the past and is not pressurised.

        Hope this helps in your quest for a snapper and as Col mentioned once you have been a member for over a week and made over 5 forum posts feel free to send me a pm or just ask on here I log in every day so am always available at some time.
        Regards Peter,
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          Here"s a pic of one from the BAA stretch at Bodymoor,by Kingsbury water park. this was taken on a small floatfished roach dedbait intended for zander.

          Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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            there used to a pike angler who used to come on the coseley canal and fish for roach late summer and freeze them then he would use them on the same canal for sink and draw moving every 20 mins and had a lot of success with this style. i havnt piked for a few years but i am digging my tackle out this year but i do prefer livebait


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              I was given one of these some years ago. or one very like it but don't really know if they're any good (Not being a proper Pred' fisher)

              Most of the Pike I've caught have been accidental (& 5 1/4 Lb max')

              [B]Fishin' Best Fun Ya' Can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On!![/B] And Can't do with sycophants!!.