Spydro UW Footage Using Okuma Fishing Gear! Today i was following the inside schools of O'io "Bonefish" as i'm now getting used to their habits in this one area. I used salted frozen Ika "Arrowhead Squid". Seems they don't like the extreme saltiness of rock salt as those baits were all devoured by other fish after 10min of soaking. Still when you freeze bait the salt toughens it & prolongs the freezer life. In this area the Bonefish school in the early mornings & latter go off as singles by noon. The larger ones especially as the smaller ones do break-up but keep together in smaller groups. Also i noticed when i do get strikes here it's late morning to early afternoon. Then again closer to midnight & before sunrise. Getting used to their habits here & learning their hang-out areas as well. Enjoy the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSksMHI6HLU