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A Short Encounter w/a Samoan Crab!

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  • A Short Encounter w/a Samoan Crab!

    Also Known as a Sole & Mud Crab!

    While freezing my butt off this morning shore casting live Mangrove Crabs & Ika "Squid" i just happen to look down to see a huge Samoan Crab walk by in only a foot of water. I only had a small red net for bait so i took that & grabbed a nearby stick. I thought i almost had it but it grabbed the net and climbed over to where my foot was.

    These crabs are extremely powerful & could "snip" my toes off easily. In the dirty water i couldn't tell where it was so i decided to back off. But it got away. This is the 2nd time in this spot that a huge Samoan Crab walked past me. I also had numerous Hammerheads & a Blacktip Shark do the same. At least i was able to get in on video.