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"Oh Baby" Lures Does It Again!

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  • "Oh Baby" Lures Does It Again!

    14ft To Success On Okuma's New HCS Spin Casting Rod! CHL Lures Does It Again!

    For years i've used Landon Yamamoto's Completely Hooked Lures with great success day & night. My go to grub is the "Oh Baby" in Bugs form. This grub even glows at night. I call it the Omilu "Bluefin Trevally" killer! I'm back to whipping "spin casting" again. I'm combining it with the latest Spin Casting rod release by Okuma. The 14ft HCS Rod was made for Tokunaga's Store as a request. Shoreline anglers can now target Akule & Halalu (Scads) due to the extreme castability of this rod.

    I've had this rod since last year but just started to use it as of today. My morning didn't start out well. I left my main video cameras still charging at home so by the time i arrived at my shoot i had no video gear. So i used my Tripod in my SUV to position my iPhone. The area was under construction with limited parking. But i was able to do a halfway decent job with what i had. Mr Yamamoto texted me today confirming the extra "Oh Baby" grubs are on their way. And it's time to start using my 14ft whipping rod. I spent hours whipping the outer reefs to the inshore lagoons with & against the high trade winds to figure out the weights needed to use this rig.

    For my spinning reel i'm using a Blue Azores 4000 with 20lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. I did manage to get a huge strike which i believe to be a large Barracuda "Kaku". It lasted only 10sec before cutting through the leader. Then i hit a small Kaku & i had time to turn on my iPhone to record this session. The Cuda released itself. I looked up to see 2 large Cuda's had followed the small one in. Under the 2 Cuda's a large loner was bright blue and kept biting. I could see part of a line coming out of it's mouth, seems i hooked that monster earlier. In the video you can see the lure in the small Cudas mouth as well.