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Article 47--£50,000 fine

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  • Article 47--£50,000 fine

    Has anyone got any information on "ARTICLE 47" with regard to new European control regulations on sea angling. I realise this seems a bit out of place on a freshwater forum, but I'm sure plenty of you like to "have a bash" on your annual fortnight by the seaside, like I do.
    As I understand it all R.S.A. (Recreational Sea Angling) catches including your average holiday makers spinning or feathering for mackerel and bass or float fishing for mullet off the beach/rocks/pier/harbour have to be included in the total U.K. catch quota, which is set by Brussels, to include all the commercial catches by trawlers, long lines, drift nets, etc. and charter boats which includes your 2or3 hour mackerel trip and your 8 hour deep sea or wrecking trip. Failure to register even the smallest catch could result in a £50,000 fine.Any info or comments please!
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    try this.The Forums of Pike and Predators and Coarse Angling Today
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      The UK media totally got this one, surprise!

      The rod and line angler has nothing to fear from the EU, and this legislation will not hamper you in any way. The article was discussed some time ago on Tightlines, so you might try their wonderful website and see if you find the coverage their. Failing that, try our new champions, The Angling Trust, this is right up their street.

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        Only 1 comment on this......who the hell is gonna pay a £50,000 have all on paying a £5 fine
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