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Second National Angling Survey Launched After Overwhelming Response from Anglers

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  • Second National Angling Survey Launched After Overwhelming Response from Anglers

    #fishing #angling With nearly 30,000 anglers completing the National Angling Survey inless than a month, the Angling Trust and Environment Agency have today launchedthe second phase of the research, this time targeting organisations. Anyone who is involved in anglingparticipation projects, angling clubs, fisheries, tackle shops and trade or whohas worked with angling for wider social benefits is encouraged to take part.
    The Angling Organisation Survey asks detailed questions ofthose running angling projects and will take about 20 minutes to complete. It aims to find out what techniques have beenmost successful in getting more people fishing more often, and where moresupport is needed for the growing number of organisations involved in anglingparticipation and social projects. The surveyremains open until the end of August and is hosted on the Angling Trust website at
    Angling Projects, Get Hooked on Fishing, Dreamstore, Fishingfor Heroes, Fishing for Forces, Casting for Recovery and Fishing For Schoolsare all examples of highly successful programmes that are boosting anglernumbers and also boosting health, wellbeing and community cohesion throughangling. The number of people working inthis sector at a local level has exploded in recent years; now there arehundreds of people working locally and nationally to increase anglingparticipation and to use angling to improve people’s lives.
    Along with the National Angling Survey, this research withangling organisations will help inform a National Angling Participation Plan(NAPP) for England and Wales, which is being co-ordinated by the Angling Trust,as the National Governing Body for angling in England. The Plan aims to encourage greaterpartnership working between many organisations taking part, and to createpathways for new anglers to follow so that when they leave one project they areable to take the next steps to taking up angling for life. The NAPP will also create an impressive overallpicture of all the pieces in the angling jigsaw to potential funders.
    More than 40 of professionals from the angling world, fromlarge national organisations such as the National Trust, the Canal and RiversTrust and The Rivers Trust met up in Birmingham with staff and volunteers from bodiessuch as the Albrighton Trust, the Masonic Fishing Charity, the Wheelyboat Trustand the Community Angling Regeneration Project (CARP) at an event organised bythe Angling Trust last week. At a verypositive and constructive meeting, these experts provided important input tothe development of the NAPP, which will be completed in the autumn.
    Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust said: “Weare delighted with the response to the individuals survey and also from themany people who gave up their time to support the event last week. There is so much fantastic work going onaround the country to improve and increase angling, but far too often the hardwork of volunteers and staff is not reported outside angling and so it doesn’tget the support it deserves. We want to shoutabout angling’s achievements from the rooftops, and this Plan will help us dothat.”
    Richard Wightman, Angling Manager at the Environment Agencysaid: “Holding such a positive, collaborative meeting as the one we had lastweek would have been unthinkable a decade ago. We might have got forty people in a room but there wasn’t the agreementor capacity to deliver ambitious programmes afterwards. Angling has achieved ahuge amount in recent years through the dedication and co-operation of a widerange of organisations. The NAPP aims tocontinue that process and to develop a clear strategy for the future of anglingfor the next generation. We are verypleased to be able to support its development and look forward to seeing thefinal report in the autumn.”
    Notes to Editors
    1. The Surveyis available here:
    2. Thesurvey is being carried out by the research co-operative Substance. Substance carried out a three year study intothe Social and Community Benefits of Angling to communities which concluded in2012, supported by the Big Lottery Fund (see
    3. Individualresponses to the survey will be completely confidential and participants canopt out of being contacted in future by the Angling Trust and/or Substance.
    4. Anglingis one of the nation’s favourite pastimes and several million people go fishingeach year. It generates £3.5 billion forthe economy and employs more than 37,000 people. Angling is also very beneficial to health andwell-being and as a diversion from anti-social behaviour. Tens of thousands of anglers volunteer tohelp look after waterside environments, most pollution incidents are reportedby anglers and freshwater anglers contribute £26 million a year in rod licencefees that help fund the Environment Agency’s work to improve and developfreshwater fisheries.

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