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    How do you edit your post?

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    Press the edit button unless its been disabled and away you go.
    If it has been disabled let me know and I can edit it for you.


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      you only get 1 minute to edit now that new
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


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        Its to do with the loosing of post counts, which seem to happen when a thread or post has been deleted, Simon has adjusted the edit situation but as we seem to have lost a significant number to day it may not have been the case. I can still edit a post if required as can any other Moderator. Your post count has dropped by over 100.
        Last edited by Brian G; 29 October 2006, 08:58 PM.


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          so how we doing with post i trusted or a double ton or back to novice
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


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            Youv'e still got more than me


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              Apparently since we moved from the old board to this one its causing the problem with the ost counts, if a thread is deleted all the people who had posted to that thread have their post counts recalculated - hence I have asked all moderators not to delete any threads but to move them if they need to be.

              If you need your post count correcting then post into here what you believe it to be and I or Brian will amend it. But still working on a permanent fix.
              Simon Young
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                Lost Posts

                I have corrected the Post counts for the following
                Larry Teepot
                Brian G
                If any one else thinks their figure is wrong let me know by PM and I will try and sort it
                Last edited by Brian G; 2 November 2006, 02:39 PM.



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                  cheers brian