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Clever Claw Mk 2 - win one now

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  • Clever Claw Mk 2 - win one now

    Hi Guys,

    Nick from Real Ideas Real Ideas - Featuring the CleverClaw II has provided 5 of his latest version of the Clever Claw - the mark 2 improved claw.

    To win one of these valued at £24.99 all you have to do is tell us why having one would possibly help you.

    The 5 best answers will win a claw and in return we would like the winners to come back on the site and tell us what you thought of the product having used it.

    Competition will end on 14th August.
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
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    Anything that helps me fish my not so light pole at 16m for longer would be a bonus :-) I might even be able to fish an extra session a week instead of resting my poor old back (Queue violins) ;-)


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      as a disabled angler who needs to rest my wrists every now and then while fishing the pole rather than having to lift out of rests when you get a bite which can be as bad as holding the pole as its very awkward. but with the clever claw its easy as its released for you in one very easy procedure very good idea for disabled anglers and able bodied anglers alike


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        It would help me a lot as a rod angler - I could sell it and put the money towards a decent waggler rod instead of the rubbish Maver one I bought in January


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          Having sciatica, I cannot fish more than 6 metres out, which unfortunately isn't far enough out to where the fish usually are, most of the club venues I fish you need 13+ metres to fish, with some even being 16 metres, having a cleverclaw would put me in the fishing range of the fish i need to catch and hopefully win some matches for a change!


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            clever claw

            clever claw sounds a neat bit of kit could it be used in the bedroom to keep the wife under control !!


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              i use my claw to fish up in the water over 11 meters (up till then i can cope) it allows me both hands free to feed ,i dont know nick but this claw really does what it says on the can.I also use it to hold my landing net out of the way till i need to use (sort of suspended over the water ) at the ready . then just a touch and its free to us
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                as i havnt got one that would be one good reason but it would allow me to be hands free ,and better presentation as the pole would be in the same place exactly every time(hence helping up the rate of catch)i suppose with it being lined up with my roller it will make it a doddle to clip off and ship back knowing im in the right place for the roller...
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                  I am looking for some prizes for the upcoming TA match and who wouldn't be happy getting one of these.
                  A super product that makes pole fishing and feeding a breeze, just watch the videos.

                  The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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                    Look ma no hands!!


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                      i recently had an operation to remove an abcess (caused by an insect bite!)from my shoulder,its going to be 4-5 months before i can fish long again,please help


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                        It would help me a lot as i am a youngish angler at 15 and own quite heavy 9 metre diawa maxum put over pole and would like to fish it at full length towards some of the features at my local lake

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                          I fish commercials mainly and have to be feeding continuosly throughout the session which can be tireing whilst pole fishing.
                          This superb peice of kit looks like it could be the answer to making the session a lot more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable!
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                            Well apart from the usual i.e. hands free for feeding, aching back etc. really have you ever tried to pour a brew, roll a cig, and answer the mobile phone to the wife relating the latest mistermeanors of the kids that you whent fishing to get away from - all this and hold a pole at the same time

                            You can picture the scenario pole in the water, rig knackered, cup floating, wet tobacoo and me clinging onto the nearest tree, screaming at the wife, trying no to fall in with my 'multitasking' whilst anglers and ducks alike roll round on the floor laughing
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                              Clever Claw

                              I have recently been reminded of an event from Years ago.
                              While practicising for a national, I was pegged next to an angler named Roger Downing.

                              The match was on the a drain (can't quite recall its name), which held 2 sections of the Welland National around Crowland.
                              He was third on the match with 9 or 10lb of eels.
                              Feeding bronze maggot heavily (compared to our roach tactics from the Thames) with a catapult over a large (2-3 gram) pole float with a bulk of shot down and 3 or 4 number 8 shot spread out below, which he was reading on the float tip as they settled.
                              I remember thinking how smooth and neat his style was. Everything seemed to be done with such ease and it was all aided by a crooked steel rod which he had bolted to the back of his seat-box.
                              Once the pole had been shipped out, the butt was nestled under this crook, and he was then free to loose feed unhindered. Not only that, the pole tip was held steady and aided presentation.
                              Being out of work at present (that is my plug for the sympathy vote out of the way.) I have taken to watching a few matches in a attempt to learn a bit and keep up with things until I can afford to match fish again.
                              Last sunday I was stood behind an angler from Swindon on a carp venue, (at a respectable distance) for the best part of an hour as he performed in a similar way to how Roger had done, all those years ago, utilising his own version of a clever claw.
                              He finished 2nd with over 100lb of carp.
                              Up until then, I had long forgotton about that moment, which should have been a EUREIKA ! moment, as I am an engineer and the idea was there for the taking.
                              Such an item as the clever claw is a real asset to fishing the long pole, especially for those of us who do not own flagship poles.
                              I am convinced, the more of these devices that are on display at venues, the more they will sell, as there is nothing quite like seeing things in action.
                              Good luck with the promotion, I sincerely hope it goes well. You have a fantastic product and anything which helps us catch more fish deserves recognition.