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Willowgarth at Arksey

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  • Willowgarth at Arksey

    Hey up chaps... hopefully some of you have found yourselves in a similar predicament as I did at the weekend - let me know what you would have done!

    Got to the lake and its a silverfish venue (apparently) everyone says that weights up to 50lb can win of roach and rudd...

    So set up with that in mind.

    Also got told every carp in there is 10lb + and there are a few of them.

    On my bank there were 10 of us in a row. All set up to fish for roach and never saw a waggler or feeder in sight.

    So the match starts and everyone is getting odd bites from roach and rudd but it becomes obvious by the end of the first hour those in the deeper water the middle 4 pegs are catching far quicker than the rest of us. So I stuck with it for another 30 mins but everyone round me was struggling.... then a bite and ..... loads of elastic and 5 mins later a 5lb carp on 0.07 and a 22 green gamma.... oh well that put me back in touch. Then 15 minutes later after a couple more roach.. more elastic and this time it came off! !

    Still falling behind on the roach ... so then put out a proper rig 0.16 straight through ... and sat there for 30 mins with only a couple of rudd to show.

    Then thought lets have a look and see if the roach have turned up... in goes the light rig and first chuck guess what .... a bite and out comes the elastic as a definate double figure carp steams toward the middle of the lake - this time with my elastic and rig following it.

    Then thought well they have to have the heavier rig at some point.... sat for another hour - nothing.... then the lighter rig went in again and same result - at this point I'm going crackers!

    Bearing in mind it was supposed to be a roach match I didnt have any pellet or corn with me so it was caster and maggot.... sat it out on the heavy rig and hooked one eventually but lost it pulled out - think it was foul hooked - again.

    14lb won the match and I think I had hooked 50lb+

    What do you think I sould have done???
    Simon Young
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