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bad days fishing

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  • bad days fishing

    well, this is the bit to tell people of your days fishing but man mine was not good.
    well, it was meant to be a trip to one of our local lakes for a bit of fun before the match at hillview. met up with the bro (bagging up art ) and a mate (elliot66) at the bros house, and went to the lake (edneys).
    well, we all set up and the little mini match was on, all started well then down came the rain and man the wind was not good. despite that, we was all still catching.
    now, this is where it went from good to bad for me, one gust of wind took my brolly, bent the brolly pole, down comes the brolly, yes, bang straight down on top of my pole. snaps my number 7 section right in half, for me that was the days fishing finished. I was wet, and really peed off, that peed off that i could not be bothered to set up the other pole
    (so if anyone knows of a no7 section for a garbolino 796 or best place to get one would be a great help).
    anyway, the boys did ok, bagging up art 70lb elliott66 67lb and me d/n/f.
    lets hope hillview can bring me better luck next week?!!!!
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    I have had this happen to me a few times. I no longer take a brolly with me and rely on my waterproof clothing to keep me dry. I urge anybody else not to bother with brollies and spend their money on a decent set of waterproofs instead.


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      Take it you didnt have any ropes securing the brolly then??
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        yeah had them to the right and left of me simon but the wind was in my face by the time i could grab the brolly it was to late man i felt like crying
        was useing the preston brolly holder it broke the brolly pole just at the top of that may get my self one of the milo ones they look better
        or i could do what glenn archer said and just get my self a decent set of waterproofs instead
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          i was with the bro on Saturday it was a bad day very wind but were i was it was not as wind as were he was. but i have got the milo brolly holder it has two tighteners and were the brolly gos into it, it's good 4incs long and that makes it strong and it is extendable well. i can put it on one of the back legs and put the brolly between my two trays, so it is on the side of me so it is way from my pole.. i think the milo brolly arm is one of the best bits of kit that i have got for my box and i was lucky when i was at the nec this yr they were going cheap ..... think me and the bro this yr have had some bad luck with are poles it be OK for Saturday i let you use the garbolino premier legion i have got your top kits will fit that........


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            I had roughly the same problem last month !..

            was peeing down, Had my brolly up and was attatched to the box using the brolly arm. I was in need of a pee so bad so I pulled my pole in and went for a quick slash behind me. and woosh........ big gust of wind came, basicly picked up my brolly and box and took it a few feet down the bank with most of my bits down the bank. So I thought sod it. went out and bought the preston dri fish bib and brace with a jacket.. anywy give that a test and done the trick, but I got wet and filthy, came home and put it on the line to dry with my nets, went for a few pints and come back.. yup. some tinker nabbed my wet gear from my washing line.... couldnt belive it !
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              man think someone dont want you to fish gaz
              i have made my mind up and sod the brolly
              i to have a dri fish bib and brace dont know how it will far if it pees down
              but getting wet cost me nothing the dam brolly dose
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